Ministry of water resources is stepping up the development and promotion of the introduction of the

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The Ministry of water resources are stepping up efforts to develop and promote the introduction of "the Yangtze River Protection Law" – Beijing Chinese news network October 9th news (reporter Zhang Yanling) in September, the Ministry of water resources released "Yangtze River Economic Zone Development Plan", the development of the Yangtze River economic belt, the Yangtze River ecological environment protection must be put in the first place, let the mother river of vitality. Recently, the Ministry of water resources, the relevant departments responsible person on how to implement the "Yangtze River Economic Zone Development Plan", grasping the Yangtze River protection to answer a reporter’s question. Q: the Yangtze River economic belt development involves a number of areas, between the upper and lower left and right bank tributaries, and how to strengthen the comprehensive management of basin water affairs, formed jointly grasp Yangtze River protection? The official said that the Yangtze River economic belt development involves many aspects, is an organic whole. At present, in the management of the Yangtze River Basin, there are problems such as the imperfect cooperation mechanism, the lag of the legislative process of the basin, and the overlapping of the responsibilities of the Department management. A total of Yangtze River protection, must strengthen the linkage of overall planning, overall water affairs management, give full play to the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee watershed management mechanism, strengthen the unified supervision and management of river basin, strengthen cross sectoral cross regional joint prevention and control work, the formation mechanism of the unified and overall linkage, CO grasping the Yangtze River protection strong force. First, we must further strengthen the comprehensive management of the river basin. To strengthen the supervision and management of water resources, water environment, water ecology, coastline, sand mining and other aspects, and severely punish illegal wading. Rivers and lakes and coastal resources is an important carrier of the Yangtze River water ecological system, to strengthen the water space use control, no lake reclamation and reclamation River, improve the management and protection of rivers and lakes system mechanism, vigorously carry out the "long river system, strengthen the protection of the local government responsibilities. Two to promote the reform of key areas of water conservancy. According to the principle of "who benefits who compensation" to explore the upstream and downstream of the river basin ecological compensation pilot to promote the Chishui River, Hanjiang River and other ecological compensation pilot work, improve soil and water conservation ecological compensation system. With the establishment of the initial allocation of water rights system, pay close attention to the development of inter provincial key river water allocation plan, encourage and guide the regional, watershed upstream and downstream industries, and water users to carry out the transaction of water rights. We will comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform of agricultural water price, establish and improve the mechanism of the formation of agricultural water price, which is reasonable to reflect the cost of water supply, and is beneficial to the innovation of water saving and water conservancy system. Three to speed up the legislative process of the Yangtze River basin. To formulate and promote the introduction of "the Yangtze River Protection Law", to further clarify the responsibility to protect the national authorities, watershed management institutions, the local people’s government, make clear legal provisions on river water resources, provide a solid legal guarantee for the realization of Yangtze River protection.相关的主题文章:

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