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"Milk tea sister" Zhang Zetian investment Uber get Liu Qiangdong praise – Sohu news Zhang Zetian visual Chinese data map faded out from the public view of pregnancy for many days "tea sister" Zhang Zetian, this time "investor" identity again for public attention. Recently, the Jingdong CEO group Liu Qiangdong revealed to the media, his wife Zhang Zetian invested in a taxi software Uber. Liu Qiangdong said, "I’m investing my family apart, and all the family investment is being given to my wife. She’s a great investment, including investing in Uber. I won’t see it. Trust her completely. If you don’t trust me, what’s the deal?" Wang Yichao, head of China’s step public relations, told surging news that "Zhang Zetian did invest in Uber, and that investment should be Uber global, which was released through the Liu Qiangdong family fund, but the specific amount of investment was not easy to disclose." Wang added, "Uber fully respects the privacy of investors." this time, if Liu Qiangdong hadn’t interviewed and said this, we didn’t want to say too much". Zhang Zetian has repeatedly appeared as an investor. In April 2015, Zhang Zetian was told to go to Sequoia Capital China for internship or entry. However, in December 3, 2015, the real fund held the first phase of DemoDay, Zhang Zetian investment institutions Victor Success Limited investor presence. China’s best move also told surging news that Zhang Zetian was investing in Uber worldwide last year. Prior to this, Zhang Zetian will "virgin cast" to the domestic online education platform work box. In July 10, 2015, the operation box announced a $10 million A round of financing, led by a good future, Liu Qiangdong, Zhang Zetian, angel investors, Lenovo star and vote. In January this year, Uber (yuho) founder and CEO Travis Karan Nick? (Travis Kalanick) said to accept the surging news interview in Beijing in 2015, Uber B round of financing, from Chinese investors invested more than $1 billion. Zhang Zetian’s money to invest in Uber should be within 1 billion dollars. In addition to Zhang Zetian, Uber’s Chinese investors also include China Life Insurance, China Taiping, Baidu, HNA Group, GAC group, CITIC Securities, Minsheng Bank, broadband capital, Vanke Group and so on. Kalanick also disclosed that the Chinese excellent step B round of financing before the valuation of $7 billion, B round of financing after valuation of more than 8 billion U.S. dollars. "Not yet fully finished, and welcome Chinese investors to continue to invest in China’s best move." Kalanick expresses.

“奶茶妹妹”章泽天投资Uber 获刘强东点赞-搜狐新闻 章泽天 视觉中国 资料图   因怀孕而淡出公众视野多日的“奶茶妹妹”章泽天,这一次以“投资人”的身份再为公众关注。   近日,京东集团CEO刘强东对媒体透露,其妻章泽天投资了打车软件Uber。   刘强东称,“我是把我家庭的投资分开,家庭的投资全部都交给我太太,她投得很优秀,包括投资了Uber。我不会看,完全信任她,如果不信任,那还结什么婚呢?”   中国优步公关负责人王以超向澎湃新闻表示,“章泽天确实有投资Uber,投资的应该是Uber全球,是通过刘强东家族基金投出的,但具体投资金额不方便透露。”   王以补充道,Uber充分尊重投资人的隐私,“这次,要不是刘强东接受采访说这个事情,我们本来不想说太多”。   章泽天此前已经多次以投资人身份出现。   2015年4月,曾传出章泽天要去红杉资本中国(Sequoia Capital China)实习或入职。不过,在2015年12月3日真格基金举行的首期DemoDay上,章泽天以投资机构Victor Success Limited投资人的身份出席。   中国优步方面还向澎湃新闻透露,章泽天是去年投资Uber全球的。在此之前,章泽天将“处女投”投给了国内在线教育平台作业盒子。2015年7月10日,作业盒子宣布获得1000万美元A轮融资,由好未来领投,刘强东、章泽天、天使投资方联想之星跟投。   今年1月,Uber(优步)创始人兼CEO特拉维斯?卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)在北京接受澎湃新闻采访时透露,在2015年Uber的B轮融资中,来自中国投资者的投资超过10亿美元。章泽天投资给Uber的资金应该在这10亿美元里面。除了章泽天,Uber的中国投资者还包括中国人寿、中国太平、百度、海航集团、广汽集团、中信证券、民生银行、宽带资本、万科集团等。   卡兰尼克还透露,中国优步B轮融资前估值70亿美元,B轮融资后估值超过80亿美元。“还没有完全融完,欢迎中国投资者继续对中国优步进行投资。”卡兰尼克表示。相关的主题文章:

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