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Miao Yao: every life should be free and warm up growth of Sohu – reading "I have a daughter will climb a tree!" A talk about his daughter, Miao Yao, just off the reel. In her body can hardly see a trace of the traditional mother’s shadow, just like a stylish confident host appearance. Now do two Miao Yao and show host, is a "China movie report", another is "please, Mom", these two programs represent the two focus of Miao Yao’s life, work and family, but also a symbol of the identity of the two Miao Yao, occupation and host mother.   in the Yangtze River from Beijing to the new century published "free soaring" in Miao Yao as a new mother, a star mother, she has a unique experience in the process of growing children, those of the sons and daughters of joy and pain, those old problems "common sense", "stocking type" education is appropriate? Whether to give the child to wear long johns? Whether to use the child’s freedom to ease their anxiety? Miao Yao, these years of parenting experience one comb to share with readers. Over the same period by the "strongest brain" review of Wei Kunlin’s scientific parenting class new book smart parenting: like a scientist to raise a child. Let the children in the toss in the growth of   now many parents raise their children, even if the family environment is not good, the poor themselves will not be poor children, all can provide good things to the children on the heap. Miao Yao has never thought her daughter to form a little princess. "I had to tell her, you are not the center of the world, I want her to have to understand this, and not grow up to be suffering from the queen, studded with jewels on the throne directly thrown out of the palace, into the crowd." For this, Miao Yao, have a personal experience, so she never pampered oranges, oranges from two years old, and he followed them for noji, blowing breeze, drink water, never see what problems appeared orange. The weekend often took the kids and the dog go climbing, accidentally knock nose bleeding, tissue plug group continued to climb, kindergarten, he took half a Steamed Buns bus station at the roadside or steamed bread. Miao Yao never do travel Raiders, free to. The first and two oranges before travel to go to Losangeles do not know where Losangeles is, jotted down ten lines off. Just over five years old of children every day and even go to play, sometimes refused to eat lunch, but never Hanlei in good out of a bandbox. "I thought she was a good friend of mine, and I forgot that she was five years old." Talk to here, Miao Yao, his face with a proud smile. "One of the most thrilling is that we go to Mt Fuji to ride, booked a ticket to Tokyo, the orange can not ride." That experience let the Miao Yao remember. A month before the trip, the orange began to learn to ride, and to be able to cope with the ride in Mt Fuji within half a month. Mt Fuji steep mountain road, less than a meter wide, when riding but also to avoid the speeding car, little attention is easy to roll and fell into drains or wilderness, the dark soon, there is a long section of the road is blind ride. "Such an environment for adults is psychological and physical penetration.相关的主题文章:

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