Men fear marriage we do not marry because they do not want to live too

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Men fear marriage: we do not get married because they do not want to live too tired original title: why fear of marriage into the marriage hall? On the way to the Civil Affairs Bureau, the pregnant mother suddenly feeling out of control, what is not willing to receive a marriage certificate, because she felt in two people, he always pay too much, but not quite the final response, would rather give up the child does not get married…… Life is always better than the more dramatic story, this story is comparable to the movie plot, the marriage counseling experts Ma Zhaoran set sail public service center in the heart of Beijing’s received advisory body. For 5 years, he has seen at least 600 different kinds of marriage cases.   licensing moment cried "80" small have a stable job, married and she is pregnant baby, on the eve of marriage is short of psychological distress, still impressed: "when we are in love a long time, feeling is also very good, oneself of family life a sense of longing, it is natural, but true to the finishing touches, and no courage." Similarly, Ms. Jiang also had a similar experience: "I do not know why suddenly angry husband and my bestie later said that I was a big scary temper." In the end, the Civil Affairs Bureau licensing that moment, Ms. Jiang’s fear culminated, "I cried, everyone scared, then think this is a life of fear of the unknown". This fear of marriage is sometimes more than just before marriage, even in the early stages of marriage, still give some artificial distress. "One evening after a few months of marriage, I took something from my home and went home. Is riding a car, suddenly have a vague sense: it is so late, I this is where to go? A moment of helplessness and panic overwhelmed me, I stopped to squat in the street crying for a while." Ms. Zheng said, "said the family next to my good flawless, but I was still on the marriage and family have a certain degree of confusion." In fact, for the young people, with a certain psychological pressure of marriage, this situation is not uncommon. Recently, a media survey showed that a high proportion of respondents said there is a tendency to fear marriage, but it does reflect a true social phenomenon. This marriage is one of the most beautiful arrangement of life, in the vast majority of people formed a happy family at the same time, the psychological fear of marriage has troubled part of the couple, most of them to overcome the psychological fear of marriage in the family, friends and even professional help, but there are also people who regret to stop this marriage outside. –   fear of marriage for different reasons "fear of what?" A small time also could not say why specific, "is that as long as the feeling is good, do not get married together ah, originally the work is busy, just graduated from college a few years did not play enough, think about love is enough, married might not free, before night back to the dormitory are never mind, married, have come home late with others say, you might be pushing a baby that is a lot of concern, after all is said and done, although small, but enough to make me worry." Small hesitated, "in fact, there is a reason is not familiar with the other parents, but now I want to.相关的主题文章:

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