Loaded with cement truck tire suddenly out of control down the driver trapped deep groove aspack

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Loaded with cement truck tire suddenly out of control planted deep groove driver was trapped in the fire brigade and rescue the trapped driver on the afternoon of 14, 218 provincial Xiangzhou District Yu Shan Zhen horse road, a truck loaded with cement suddenly burst, runaway Zaijin is about 2 meters deep ditch. Thanks to the timely rescue fire officers and soldiers, causing no casualties. In the afternoon at 3:30 pm, Master Wu driving through the road, suddenly heard boom burst of noise, he hurried to stop to see, see the front of a transport cement truck fell into the roadside ditch, he hurried to the police. After the alarm, the local police, Xiangzhou fire squadron, 120 medical personnel rushed to the rescue scene, I saw the truck tilted to the left, in front of serious deformation, stuck in the broken branches, the tail of the car body at high tilt, littered with a lot of cement bag, the driver’s legs were stuck in between the seat and the steering wheel. From time to time to groan with pain. According to the scene, the fire officers and soldiers with hydraulic tool to gradually expand the deformation of the cab, the driver stuck to clean the foot of the body parts, and then expand the deformation of the body. 30 minutes later, the driver was rescued and rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. According to the truck driver recalled, he was ready to delivery to Xiangyang city at the time, the way the front wheel was punctured, he quickly hit the steering wheel, the truck lost control, rollover on the roadside ditch. At present, the injured driver has no right, the cause of the accident is under investigation.相关的主题文章:

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