Linux, A Better Operating System Than Windows

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Hardware Have you got bored with Windows operating system? Switch to Linux operating system. There are plenty of reasons to choose this operating system. The first thing is that this is an open source operating system. This operating system is not only ideal for PCs but also could be easily and successfully installed on mobile phones, super .puters, video games consoles as well as tablet .puters, and mainframes. You can get operating system support from an online .puter repair .pany. You might ask why Linux is better than Windows operating system. Well, there are manifold reasons. Explore this article and find out why Linux should be installed on your system. In terms of performance, Linux is an outstanding choice for networking and workstations. The operating system offers better protection against malicious objects like spyware, adware and viruses as .pared to the conventional Windows operating system. Security is very high in Linux operating system. When it .es to Windows operating system, it is vulnerable to malicious objects and there are plenty of security software available to protect Windows based .puters. On the contrary, there are vary few malicious objects for Linux operating system and since this is an open sources application, hundreds of patches would .e up to tackle viruses, if any. Linux is very much flexible. This operating system could be used on heavy duty server application as well as for general desktop applications and embedded systems. The users have opportunity to install specific .ponents for particular use. As a result you can save disk space in the process. As far as multitasking is concerned, Linux is far better than Windows operating system. You have experienced multi tasking on Windows OS. Now if you do the same on Linux operating system, you will get an all new working experience. Due to this reason, Linux a wonderful choice on gaming consoles like the PS3. You can play RM, WMV and QuickTime files on your gaming console. Another most important fact is that Linux is wallet friendly. You dont need to buy this operating system. For Windows operating systems you need to spend hefty amount of money. So if you choose Linux, it saves your money too. These are the major advantages of Linux over Windows operating systems. Apart from these, there are plenty other advantages too. Linux is easy to install, and it is .patible with all .mon file formats and UNIX software packages. A number of Linux distributions are there featuring similar core functionalities. Linuxs network friendly nature and stability makes it an obvious choice. Install this operating system and enjoy better security and hassle-free .puting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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