Li Ruogu China’s iron and steel production capacity is due to excess Technology

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Li Ruogu: China steel overcapacity is not because the technology content of Li Ruogu: China steel overcapacity is not because of technical content source: China development network development network reporter Song Jing from September 19th Chinese Chinese government website was informed that in September 19th, the Chinese International Economic Exchange Center hosted eighty-seventh economic monthly talk is scheduled for September 19, 2016 at China International Center of economy the theme of communication, thinking and the way to resolve excess capacity, China import and export bank chairman and former president Li Ruogu believes that the reason China overcapacity is a steel low standard, a standard building is relatively low, the other is relatively scattered production capacity. Li Ruogu suggested that China’s steel standards to improve, steel construction standards to improve. Other countries are 400 – 500, at least we mentioned the yield strength of the level of 400 – 500 mpa. In addition, the development of steel construction, improve the percentage of steel structure to the average level of developed countries, that is, 40%, 50%. Alloy steel to make great efforts to develop. In addition, some of the production capacity to other neighboring countries, such as cement, flat glass, aluminum, etc.. The following is the speech Li Ruogu: a cause of Comrade Chen Wenling and Comrade center invited me to exchange with you, I was written on a steel material, but also related to the central leading comrades. So I talk about this, and then talk about the universal capacity problem. Time is limited, so. I heard today to have a lot of media comrades, don’t read too much of what I said, just the statements of a school. When I was doing research in the last year, there are some problems of steel overcapacity, Hebei iron and steel production capacity is relatively large, I went to look at the enterprise. 2005 that year, the top two iron and steel enterprises, Tang Gang, Handan capacity utilization was 85% and 88%. From a local point of view, it seems that the production capacity is not wasted, because the general international average is 80% – 85%, such a level of use is more appropriate. I saw some other materials, like steel overcapacity in China may have multiple reasons, one of which is the construction standard is too low, we construction steel national standard is 300 MPa, now commonly used is 335 MPa yield strength of steel, while the average yield strength of the building in Europe, Japan and the United States, Australia, these developed countries New Zealand steel is 400 – 500, I think our standard is too low. Such as the Tangshan earthquake that killed 240 thousand people, Japan’s Kobe earthquake killed 6500 people, 69000 people died in the Wenchuan earthquake, Chinese earthquake in Yushu killed 2200 people, 617 people died in the earthquake in Ludian, New Zealand and Christchurch (sound) no mortality in the city earthquake, earthquake intensity is 7.2, US 6.5 in Ludian, Yushu 7.1, Wenchuan 8, while developing countries, such as Haiti 7 earthquake killed 220 thousand people, 9000 people of Nepal’s 7.8 earthquake, our level and many developed countries are almost the same, the number of deaths caused by the earthquake, we illustrate the level of buildings is relatively low, which is one reason. On相关的主题文章:

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