Li Chen said Fan Bingbing is a good helper not married into the plan

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Li Chen said Fan Bingbing is a good helper not married into the program in the eyes of many people, and now the [micro-blog] is the cause of love double harvest. Indeed, recently in the 45 set the theme of war drama "Goodfellas" from a screen ending screen debut by the audience attention, Li Chen starred in the play, in addition to the producer, is also the first time in the television drama produced by identity. For her boyfriend to pay a lot of effort in this drama, Fan Bingbing [micro-blog] acted as a think-tank. The day before, Li Chen accepted the reporter’s interview, during which he said, very grateful to have such a good helper for Fan Bingbing. Modern Express reporter Cao Feng ZAKER Nanjing producer is later the identity of a villain express: you played in the play, compared to your previous habits characters, this is self subversion? Li Chen: Yes, this is the role I played the most tangled villain, how to say? Most of the good people in it died in the hands of this figure, rather subvert the image of my own. Express: now "Goodfellas" broadcast, the "bad guy" and "the ugly guys" will then shoot? Are all war stories? Li Chen: I don’t know "bad guy" and "the ugly guy" is not able to smooth shooting, it depends on our writers deft fast, forcing him to write, I think when you have the opportunity to interview him to interview, let him a little a bit high. Express: many people and produced the identity in the process of filming this drama, the mind will not like before filming has not the same place? On the need to pay attention to things will be a lot more? Li Chen: how about the producer, was later changed to have such a status, it started to become the producer, later because this play issue has all sorts of problems, just like other ways, finally turn into a producer. Express: apart from the producer, after what to do behind the scenes? Li Chen: I did a few drama producer, such as "Beijing love story" "Goodfellas" and so on, also tried a lot of work behind the scenes in the TV drama, work accordingly stopped. Everybody said how old recently could not see Li Chen filming what, in fact not filming, I had to stop filming work, at least 15 push play. Now I’m working on a film about the air force. Express: played so many roles, do you feel in life with whom the most similar? Li Chen: I really played many roles, close to their own should be "love" in the north of Wu Di, because at the time the character, I just put myself in his middle twenties before the values and feelings in view of the character of the. "Good" has not been placed in the program express: I heard that Fan Bingbing in pushing this drama? Li Chen: Bing Bing really helped me to do the publicity committee members, but also helped me out a lot of micro-blog, which also gave me a lot of life. Express: daily life Fan Ye is what kind of? Li Chen: Bing Bing is a lovely little thing in life相关的主题文章:

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