Legal and ethical dilemmas behind the underground surrogacy

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Underground surrogacy behind Law and ethical dilemmas. The   of Nandu; editorial before the surging news reporter for the Shanghai underground surrogacy phenomenon for nearly two months of undercover investigation. Previously there are several sets of data show that China’s underground surrogacy market in recent years, the development of blowout. There are also direct media disclosure, about 10 thousand of the population is born every year. The overall situation from surging news reports and previous descriptions of the same, the reporter found that in people spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars behind her phenomenon, is a strong market demand and has formed a complete industrial chain of gray. Of course, due to the current China is still a comprehensive ban on surrogacy, so at the regulatory level also exposed many loopholes and deficiencies. In May 2016, Shanghai Songjiang District Guardian appointed under the supervision of the relevant departments jointly set up a task force, destroyed a surrogate large dens, a total value of 1 million 990 thousand yuan, the scene found the thermostat to write the names of parents of 4 embryos and fertilized 6 liquid nitrogen container. The results of the outbreak of the seizure and seized the surrogate site, naturally the tip of the iceberg of the surrogate market in Shanghai. In 2015, more than 48 thousand infertile couples in Shanghai sought help from assisted reproductive technology, of which about more than 38 thousand were tested. According to the China Population Association in 2009 released the China infertility status survey report, the domestic infertility treatment failure rate of 66%, according to the proportion of projections, the final infertility ratio is about 13%. Among them, there are more and more people choose the way to usher in a surrogate child. It is worth noting that, although the China official ban on surrogacy, and the provisions of the State Council on human assisted reproductive technology clearly forbidden medical institutions and medical personnel to carry out any form of surrogacy, prohibited the sale of sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs and embryos". However, the provisions of the legal level is not high, but also to regulate the hospital and the doctor, can not restrain the intermediary. In addition, in December 2015 the NPC Standing Committee voted through the "on the revision of" population and family planning law "decision", the effective January 1, 2016 version of "population and family planning law" to delete the previous discussion "to prohibit the sale of sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs and embryos; prohibits any form of the implementation of the surrogate. Content. So, in the "two child policy" introduced in the background, Chinese law treats surrogate’s attitude seems to be a significant change, the legal department of Planning Commission Director Zhang Chunsheng said that the representatives of the members believe that surrogacy is a very complicated problem, need to further solicit opinions from all sides, a serious argument. From the demand, in the eyes of parents with infertility, surrogacy almost desperate every child is a completely rigid demand, and strong demand; technically, in 70s after the IVF of last century has made substantial breakthroughs, medical problems have been difficult to become a problem; from the way, commercial surrogacy is currently the most popular way, but because of the lack of legal support, the ambiguous problem is very serious. Technological progress is an important variable that leads to the change of human social ethics.相关的主题文章:

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