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Jiang Yiyi turned 11 party dual energy girl, small body burst large energy – Sohu girl energy Sohu Jiang Yiyi turned entertainment entertainment news last night, Jiang Yiyi drying out the double 11 party to join the red team camp photos, and wrote, "while watching live with xiá O, for our red team like la la la ~ we are super the strength of the ha ha ha!" In the photo, Jiang Yiyi wearing a red shirt, high firm ponytail, neat and lovely. Part of the game, she joined by Lin Chiling, Wowkie Zhang led the red team camp, including artists such as Yu Xiaotong, is a member of the team in the age of the youngest, but Jiang Yiyi in the game has a powerful burst of energy, with smart stature shuttle among the crowd in her show 00 unyielding courage and hard work the spirit of. Double 11 party, in addition to the wonderful song and dance performances, the game is also very interesting links. As a new force after 00, Jiang Yiyi joined the red team led by Lin Chiling, led by the Red Army, led by the black team with multiple rounds of the game PK. Jiang Yiyi has just entered the high school campus, although the age is all in the game link the smallest of the members, but the petite she has a powerful burst of energy, also show 00 courage to fight the spirit of daring to challenge state. "Pillow" link, although my brother and sister are compared with their tall a lot, but the petite Jiang Yiyi is by virtue of the agile body, the shuttle in everyone around, using their own advantages for the red team to win more opportunities. Cute quiet Jiang Yiyi privately, not only academic excellence towards teacher is refined and courteous totally unexpected predecessors, her tiny body inside it contains powerful energy, face a variety of game, did not dare to struggle to pay back her full strength for the team. It is no wonder that the netizen comments, Jiang Yiyi looks small, but playing games is a powerful burst of energy, "is a small body big energy, cyclone has been taken before their battle pat play, the teacher was also mistaken for professional players, not because you are powerful, and you dare to struggle hard, girl bang bang da." "Part of the game, you see your little one, the shuttle on the other side, until the last second before did not stop, can not give up the courage to fight Jiang Yiyi, how can people do not love."相关的主题文章:

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