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UnCategorized Breast cancer continues to affect millions of people worldwide – plunging newly diagnosed sufferers and their families into the bewildering world of treatment plans and statistics on a daily basis. This year alone, over one-million people worldwide will be unwillingly inducted into this club of warriors. And strong in numbers, these sufferers and their families will continue to affect change in the landscape of awareness and treatment; part of the way in which they raise awareness is through the wearing of merchandise, including the breast cancer bracelet. The breast cancer bracelet can attribute its beginnings to the awareness campaign, where the pink ribbon first became the symbol in the united fight. The Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation – which began in the early 1980s as a way to funnel comprehensive information to victims and raise money for research – began using the pink ribbon in the early years of its Race for the Cure, the annual run/walk fundraising event that is the signature event of this foundation. The early beginnings of the pink ribbon were brought to the forefront as Self magazine planned their second annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month issue in the early 1990s. In this effort, the magazine partnered with Estee Lauder to create the looped pink ribbon we have now come to recognize; over a million of which were distributed at makeup counters around the country to coincide with the distribution of the magazine. The ribbon included instructions on self examination and information on how to petition Washington to increase funds for research. The color pink was chosen because of its strong association with femininity. With the growing popularity of the pink ribbon, came the further development of other pink items to signify awareness. The items have since come fast and furious – from t-shirts and pins, to umbrellas and mugs. The breast cancer bracelet, especially, has achieved enormous popularity as the message of awareness is encapsulated in a beautifully designed – and very wearable – bracelet. The bracelet is just like any other bracelet that you would think nothing of buying and wearing; but you have the added benefit of knowing that in wearing the bracelet you are promoting awareness and, in so doing, are part of a community that is saving lives. The bracelet comes in a variety of styles and prices – everything from pearls and crystal to silver and gold. No matter what your style or taste in jewelry, there will surely be a bracelet that draws your attention and furthers the message of awareness. In today’s online world especially, there is a growing number of websites dedicated to the sale of pink awareness merchandise. This awareness encompasses many different things when it comes to the battle against breast cancer. Raising awareness means increasing people’s understanding of research, prevention, detection, and treatment. But more importantly, raising awareness – through the wearing of insignia such as the bracelet – means alerting those who are affected to a larger community; a community of enormous support and infinite understanding. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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