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"In July and she" premiere of Song Jia bluntly dislike actor Li Chengbin – Entertainment Sohu "in July and she" Nortel campus Premiere of Li Chengbin creative white shirt handsome smile with Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin, a small Sohu in July still small entertainment news in September 11th, according to An Nibao bay with the ultra popular film adaptation of the novel "in July and she" held a grand premiere the ceremony in Beijing. The film actor who plays Su Jiaming Li Chengbin, a simple and elegant white shirt black trousers collocation fresh and handsome appearance. All the creative film producer Peter Chan, Xu Yuezhen, director Derek Tsang, starring Li Chengbin, Ma Sichun and Dongyu Zhou join, the movie theme song author Dou Jingtong noted to campaign for the September 14th film field. Director Derek Tsang’s father Eric Tsang’s surprise appearance, so the scene once reached a climax, Li Chengbin as the "Ming male family role grab" brother Eric Tsang also brought his love to drink good tea table. The concept of the movie Song Jia more bluntly "I hate you (Li Chengbin)", a season Li Chengbin almost overwhelming. The Li Chengbin campus roadshow for interactive humor "grab" the role of Eric Tsang in the premiere of apology station of Beijing Film Academy campus, college students face sharp questions, Li Chengbin humorous response, and the students’ interaction "see cry?" Under the table, many students raise their hands, Li Chengbin laughed and said "you are very emotional, loving, very suitable for people in love ah", drew the audience bursts of laughter of students. As a surprise guest appearance. Mr. Eric Tsang, who is the director of Derek Tsang’s father is also a veteran actor, the scene also humorous ridicule Li Chengbin "the first actor to play can play sex is also quite value". Derek Tsang, director of the original home of the role of his father, Eric Tsang wanted to play, but eventually chose the Li Chengbin. For Li Chengbin had secretly to inquire about Eric Tsang that his brother usually like, drink tea, so he specially from Taiwan selected preferred tea green health gift brother Eric Tsang to grab his actor’s apology. Song Jia bluntly "hate" interpretation of Li Chengbin won the audience and the industry comments from roadshow link, after viewing the audience a lot of people think that the role of a little Ming "residue" director Derek Tsang can not help but stand up for Ming "vindicated", had said "relationship is difficult to judge, can not go home control. Is actually a pretty poor role, he was eventually two girls" abandoned ", two of them are each have their own life". Li Chengbin also said that "I was actually a" victim ", to be able to appreciate the view of a few times, after all it is said with a smile, ‘Ming’". Li Chengbin also expressed his understanding of the role of the family, while falling in love with two people is very hard, the feelings of the three people will be very entangled feelings. If you have this experience, feel the." Producer Peter Chan and director Xu Yuezhen also said that "a group of young people together to complete the film very good work; very honored to take a younger generation of such a good actor," said the actors’ recognition and appreciation. Song Jia in the completion of the overall movie concept of the movie "evaluation.相关的主题文章:

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