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Immersed in the roar of pleasure? Asia GT Bentley team sponsors open Zhejiang station parameters – Fashion – People’s 2016 GT Asian Championships (GT Series) final battle, will be held at the Zhejiang international circuit on October 21st. A FIA (FIA) certified two racing track, is becoming the new Chinese racing culture. As the GT Championship Bentley car No. 7 chariots sponsor of the online entertainment platform — Yingjia international W11A, will be on the last station led the lucky members to visit the Zhejiang International Speedway, to feel the GT Championships (GT Asia Series) the passion and charm of this field of Asia’s top GT tournament! The main circuit is composed of the Zhejiang international velodrome track design company renowned Apex featuring a total length of 3.2 km, in the counterclockwise the unique design, the design has 16 speed and the radius of different corners (including 7 right and 9 left corner). The entire track with undulating, lowest and highest point drop up to 22 meters, can fully display the top racing performance in turn and acceleration, add a lot of excitement and anticipation for the game. I believe the current lead GT Asian Championships (Asian GT Series) standings Bentley, and is expected to win the W11A surplus International 7 vehicles in the station will contribute a very good performance. It is located in the picturesque Zhejiang Shaoxing Keyan scenic area of Zhejiang International Speedway, not only can be used for international racing around the track, and the construction of leisure, entertainment, business and exhibition facilities are very advanced and perfect. The racing field of the self powered Kay The Inn Boutique luxury show, inspired by the automotive industry of high technology and new materials, in the selection and details of the design highlights the forefront of the concept of Zhejiang international circuit. City landscape, landscape real track deluxe room, fitness center and SPA Porter House by Laris Goods are available in all varieties., and Le Sheng two something different style restaurant for your delicious food refined. If you love to play golf, next to the stadium is the Jianhu Lake Golf club. If you want to personally experience the fun of racing, Zhejiang International Speedway meet the FIA karting Commission (CIK) standard, the whole 814 meters go kart track and hold regular test drive experience, also can let you gallop in the world on the track himself, immersed in the engine roar the pleasure of being. Follow the line of Asian electronic gaming platform Yingjia international W11A after the Bentley team basically no suspense to win the war, you can go to "an earthly paradise" reputation of Hangzhou. I believe a few days after the G20 summit in Hangzhou will welcome all visitors baptism, with more beautiful posture. Zhejiang international circuit is only 50 km away from Hangzhou, to the Xiaoshan International Airport, a 35 minute drive. And magic are more direct high-speed rail Shanghai, driving, then only 2.5 hours. So convenient traffic, let you experience the end GT Championships (GT Asia Series) after the speed and passion, seamless connection of a trip. In October, Bentley international articles Yingjia team in Zhejiang Guojisaichechang you! (commissioning editor: Zhao Chunxiao, Li?)相关的主题文章:

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