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Beauty Who likes a lack lustre hair? People with dry hair always face the challenge of keeping it healthy and shinning. Even with small negligence, your head may appear to be covered with dry and frizzy hair, which is enough to spoil your mood and damage your overall physical appearance. But why should you bother about dryness of your hair, when you can keep it healthy and shinning. And for this you dont need to depend upon artificial and chemical products, which are known for side effects as well. Because of nutritional deficiency also your hair may look dry and dead. But by using natural products the problem can solved forever. Always prefer to use natural oil and other natural products for your hair.. Some of the home remedies can offer awesome result. Lets check the advantages of some of the home made and natural products. By using a cup of Vinegar in two cups of water, you can have conditioner effect on your hair. It also helps in removing dandruff. Apply it on hair after you have rinsed the shampoo out of your hair. For better result you can live vinegar mixed liquid for few minutes on your hair. Dry hairs generally get brittle too early and this causes it to break away easily. Vegetable oils like-olive, coconut or almond- can be applied to nourish a dry hair and keep it shinning. For the desired result, it is advisable to use a little warm oil. To wash it, mild shampoo should be used. Once hair gets dry, after shampooing it, the overall effect appears very impactful. A mixture of coconut oil and curry leaves (karipatta) has always been quite helpful for dry hair. Aloe vera has also been a preferred choice by beauty experts as it is known for its moisturizing effect. By applying it on hair with few more ingredients like curd and coconut oil, amazing result is seen especially on dry hair. Just like Aloe Vera, there are various other herbal products that promises to keep a dry hair healthy and shinning, if they are applied properly and regularly. Especially for dry hair, Khadi Natural offers several varieties of shampoos. Khadi Herbal Henna Tulsi shampoo is one of them. Apply it to get overall change in your look. Your hair will not only start looking healthy, it will become silky as well. In the name of best shampoo for dry hair , there several companies which are trying to scare consumers and sell their products. But dermatologists always advocate going for natural and herbal products . And for this, prefer Khadi Naturals products, which are made of original herbal ingredients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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