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Interior-Decorating Feng Shui helps you create a simple balanced living environment. Learning how to properly organize what surrounds you can improve your life and that is what Feng Shui is about. Decorating with Feng Shui principals involves the movement of energy at a balanced pace. This involves decorating with colors, scent and mirrors. This practice believes that colors have a strong and individual effect on people. Different shades create different results on peoples mental behavior. Here are some aspects of color that influence your mind. For good luck choose the color red. This would be the perfect color to use for your front doorway. Yellow and purple are considered auspicious and beneficial to ones moods. For freshness, peace and growth green is the color of choice. Darker colors can either be relaxing or depressing while lighter shades seem to be uplifting. Decorative orange and brown symbolize health, relationships and knowledge. Colors that promote restorative sleep as well as sexual healing are colors of human skin. This is from very pale white to rich chocolate brown. After deciding on your color scheme you also should harmonize all decorative objects with warm earthy tones. As well as being used as a decoration, mirrors in Feng Shui are used to attract, move or change the flow of energy. Mirrors can enlarge a space, deflect something, flatten a wall or make a wall disappear. The shapes of mirrors used in Feng Shui are typically round or octagon. Most importantly is that mirrors be whole and complete, not mirror tiles that cut the image into pieces. Mirrors are great placed by front doors and ideal to harmonize the energy in the home. It is wise to avoid excessive wall lighting but choose full spectrum lighting instead. Candle wall sconces give off nutrients and one of the strongest manifestations of energy. Be sure to buy candles with no toxins. You should always place and keep your designs in a free flowing direction. The essence of clocks in Feng Shui is the measuring of the passing of time. There are many good areas in the home to display clocks. The kitchen, living room or home office would be the best. It is almost a necessity to have a clock in ones bedroom. Have a battery operated clock verses an electric clock in order to protect your health. For a collection of clocks, display them in a large hallway along the walls to keep the energy flowing in the correct direction. In this practice they also believe that many different paintings can enhance your surroundings with good health, knowledge, career, family, love, fame and wealth. To promote longevity and good health, hang pictures of deer, peaches, pine trees or bamboo in the east portion of your living room. To enhance the area of wisdom and knowledge, use the colors of yellow or beige. Mountains, crystals and dragon carp symbolize the ascent toward spiritual awareness. For the advancement of your career your home office should be located in the north part of your home. Hang paintings of open fields, flowers and fish. The color white should be used for the strength of your family bond. Hang images that evoke confidence , courage and inspiration. Fanciful and imaginative images are also appropriate. For true love hang pieces of art that send out love vibrations. Some symbols that convey romance would be of mandarin ducks, love birds and dragons. Fame refers to self respect and inner light. Choose artifacts like snakes, horses or butterflies. They all represent new opportunities, diplomacy and endurance. To depict wealth look for art work that exhumes victory in the face of a competition. Fish is also a symbol of prosperity and endurance. To truly decorate in this fashion you must compare each element represented by its color in relationship to each other. When you begin to apply the principles of Feng Shui to your home you will be amazed how a few simple changes of color, arrangement and placement can make your home calming and aesthetically pleasing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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