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High altitude throwing condoms and fun products, children do not know to play with high altitude parabolic is the dangerous behavior we have repeatedly reported, but there are still some people regardless of the danger, from the upstairs window down throwing things. In September 19th, Mr. Zheng, who lives in butterfly lake bay area, contacted reporters. In his courtyard, there were often trash thrown upstairs, which made him very upset. Mr. Zheng lived on the first floor of the community. There was a small courtyard in front of the gate. He said it would cost a lot of energy to collect garbage every day. There are all kinds of garbage bottles, bags, shoes, knives, cutting boards, and even condoms. The last time there are some interesting things, children do not know how to play, imagine how much impact this will have on children. Not only throw down the waste of every hue, he is also worried that, these "extraterrestrial" also smashed the glass room of his home. The broken glass is double tempered glass, impact force is much as can be imagined. This phenomenon does not only appear in Mr. Zheng family, in this district, almost every owner living in the first floor has been plagued by high altitude parabolic. An owner told reporters, the most exaggerated once a pot of hot water poured to the head, a touch of hair, tea is still on top. In fact, less than a month ago we reported on this area, at the time of the incident, Ms. Yang one family in the yard of flowers, suddenly, in the upstairs window flew out of a gleaming knife. Police then rushed to the scene, found that the two floor is a group of renters, living in a pair of 20 years old young young, when the quarrel can not control, but let the knife thrown downstairs. So, why does high altitude parabolic phenomena happen repeatedly? Is there really nobody who can manage it? Subsequently, the reporter found property. Property said, because the group renting personnel is more complex, and it is difficult to catch the current. In fact, high altitude parabolic, even inconspicuous items, under the influence of gravity acceleration, the intensity of attack may multiply, and once cause personal injury, will bear the serious legal responsibility. In fact, the governance of high altitude parabolic, many countries and regions have already relatively perfect measures. In November 1, 2013, an interior decoration worker Ding Meigang, in the community work, readily with the roof of the two red brick thrown downstairs, just hit the middle road fan, fan eventually died due to head open craniocerebral injury. Defendant Ding Meigang was sentenced to death by intentional injury. Although the height of parabolic once injured person, can not find the perpetrators of the case, the victim can be the whole building on the court, but implementation is not easy. If everyone is involved in it, it is possible that the defendant will be very large number of households, in fact, relatively poor operability. So how do foreign countries cope with high altitude parabolic? In France, people injured or killed for high altitude parabolic can be fined from 750 Euros to 150 thousand euros, the highest and may even be sentenced to 30 years in prison. Some countries have set up corresponding accident funds, which are difficult to determine when they are responsible. But this is the post compensation, there is no way to prevent ahead of time? Some citizens suggested that the residential building for real-time shooting, who threw things to see the monitoring will know. Lawyer Zhou Xiaoyang told reporters, in foreign countries also have eye action?

小区高空抛下避孕套及情趣用品 孩子不懂拿来玩高空抛物是我们多次报道过的危险行为,然而还是有一些市民不顾危险,从楼上窗口往下扔东西。9月19日,家住蝶湖湾小区的郑先生联系记者,在他家的院子里常常会有楼上扔下来的各种垃圾,这让他十分苦恼。 郑先生住在小区的一楼,门前有一个小院子,他说,每天光捡垃圾就要花费好多精力。垃圾形形色色瓶子、包装袋、鞋子、刀具、砧板、甚至连避孕套都有。上次还有一些情趣用品,小孩不懂事拿来玩,想象一下这会对孩子造成多大的影响。 不仅丢下来的垃圾形形色色,更让他担心的是,这些“天外来客”还砸坏了他家的玻璃房。砸坏的玻璃是双层的钢化玻璃,冲击力有多大可想而知。这样的现象不仅仅出现在郑先生一家,在这个小区,几乎每一家住在一楼的业主都受到了高空抛物的困扰。一位业主告诉记者,最夸张一次一壶热水浇到了头上,一摸头发茶叶还在上面。其实,不到一个月前我们就报道过这个小区,事发当时杨女士一家人正在院子里种花,突然,楼上窗户里飞出一把寒光闪闪的水果刀。警方随后赶到现场,发现二楼是一个群租房,住着一对20岁左右的小年轻,争吵时控制不住,竟让往楼下扔刀。那么,为什么高空抛物的现象会屡屡发生呢?真的就没人能管了吗?随后,记者找到物业。物业表示,由于群租房的人员比较复杂,而且很难抓到现行。事实上,高空抛物,即使是毫不起眼的物品,在重力加速度的作用下,打击力度可能成倍增长,而一旦造成人身伤害,将承担严重的法律责任。其实,治理高空抛物,很多国家和地区已经有了相对完善的措施。2013年11月1日,一个做室内装修的工人丁美刚,在小区干活时,随手将楼顶的两块红砖抛向楼下,正好砸中路人范某,范某最终因头部开放性颅脑损伤而死亡。被告丁美刚故意伤害致人死亡罪被判刑。虽然高空抛物一旦砸伤人,找不到肇事者的情况下,受害方可以将整幢楼住户告上法庭,但执行起来并不容易。如果是把所有人牵连在里面,有可能被告户数就会非常多,实际上操作性相对比较差。 那么,国外又是怎么应对高空抛物的呢?在法国,对于高空抛物致人受伤或者死亡的,可以从750欧元罚到15万欧元,最高甚至可能会被判30年监禁。一些国家还设立了相应的意外事故基金,难以确定责任人时,可以向物业先行索取。但这都是事后赔偿,有没有办法提前预防呢?有市民就提议,对居民楼进行实时拍摄,谁抛的东西一看监控就知道了。律师周小羊告诉记者,在国外也有天眼行动,在建筑物上装监控,可以垂直监控,防止高空抛物发生之后找不到侵权人。如果在对面楼互相装监控监视对面整个楼幢有没有高空抛物。但是擅自在公共场所装摄像头,又有可能侵犯居民隐私权,目前,仅有少数小区在业主同意的情况下,安装鹰眼监控高空抛物。对于我国实行的“高空坠物连坐法”,也就是在找不到责任人的情况下,整栋楼的居民全担责,这样的法律规定让一些市民觉得很冤。想想也是,闭门家中坐,祸从天上来,这难道不冤吗?那怎样才公平呢?也许我们真该从技术手段上来加强监督。然而,要标本兼治,还是得法德并举。那些在高空抛物的人,想想自己也有一天会从楼下走过,万一不幸被砸到,也会面临同样的维权困局。多一点“换位思考”,是不是就可以多一点公德心呢?相关的主题文章:

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