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Future hegemony? "Under a reading light novels part published in this day and age, light novels has long been the focus of attention of many anime fans. A light novel if you can succeed, it will be in animation, comics, games and other fields have achieved good results. In addition to the current well-known works, what will be the future of light fiction popular? Recently, "a reading of 2016 light novels" has published a list of some of the works. As the name suggests, this is a new work that is selected and recommended by the editorial department of the novel. As shown in the figure, now published works include the "chicken Qijun Lv.1" ("the role of friends – Friends of lumira Qi on the weak field on Lv.1"), "as the reincarnation of the vending machine in the maze" ("I wander the vending machine in terms of MA students change after I wa TA guys maze or hesitation U"), "magic with me" ("magic and sweet" and "my servants) after reincarnation became the sword" ("from students in hyperplastic hyperplastic kempachi RA"). From the type, many works are common themes across the world, it seems that this work also will become the mainstream of light to the animation? It is understood that the selection will be officially ended on September 30th. Then what works will be selected? Tencent animation will continue to focus on!相关的主题文章:

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