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Fu Wenjun: when China photography is a breakthrough in public for photography photography was born in early nineteenth Century the traditional cognition, the technology is not mature, but its nature has shown superiority with more than two thousand years history of painting do not have: the ability to accurately and objectively record the natural image, filming time than traditional paintings draw more fast. The advantage of the traditional, to reproduce the natural purpose of painting caused a huge impact, the painting industry panic. After one hundred years of various schools of painting on painting shows than ever more colorful and vibrant scene, as one falls, another rises. In the painting photography under enormous pressure, tight encirclement to find a way out, and now, as the rapid development of human civilization in twentieth Century a witness, the rapid development and promotion of photography equipment and technology, so that more people have the opportunity to become active image maker, shoot high-definition, large scope, rich layers of photographic works. But does photography stop here? As the art of photography can be found in a broader, deeper level of expression of the way to allow photography to bloom more vivid vitality? The Chinese, a rough estimate of at least 800 million people in photography (including the use of mobile phone cameras) and the convergence is very strong, as a concept artist for many years engaged in photography, I think some thoughts and opinions about my situation. In 1839 the French government announced the French painter Louis · Jacques · Mande · (Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre) Gail photography patent wet version of human history, become an important node of the birth of photography. Vermeer (Vermeer), Canaletto (Canaletto) and other classical realist painters who use camera pinhole (camera prototype) painting, hope infinitely close to the real world, but after the invention of photography, the classical realist painter drawing by the camera screen one percent seconds or 1/1000 seconds to replace the present, which they expected yet, painting also resulting in a desperate plight. Painting for more than two thousand years to reproduce the nature of realism has lost the value of existence, then what is the significance of painting? Painting will go from here? Under the persecution of photography, painters have to find a way out for painting. As a matter of fact, photography has taken the place of the social function of painting for a long time, and it provides an opportunity for the art of painting. Reduce foreign painters in the social reality of concern, to explore the essence of painting about painting and painting, the possibility of human spirit echoes and human cognition, unique way, time and space of recombinant expression of emotion and behavior and painting of the relationship, from 1860s to mid twentieth Century, the Impressionist and post Impressionist Fauvism, expressionism, cubism, futurism, Dadaism, surrealism, expressionism and other waves of modern painting trends, from the traditional painting of liberation, created a new visual language of painting, painting and re.相关的主题文章:

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