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Four and a half years old baby list – Chinese – Sohu is to organize "maternal life" is to "organize art" Swiss artist Susie weierli ur · these two books are not strictly speaking and children’s books, but two books are used in a common mathematical concept — classification. When the combination of mathematics and art, these two interesting books. In order to organize the life, the artist will be in my daily life scenes of chaos in the vicinity of the obsessive-compulsive disorder like classification. For example, a white daisy petals, according to color and size after re arrangement will become what? How to classify a bowl of fruit salad? Scattered distribution of all kinds of people sunbathing? In the process of reading and Mia, I’m not in a hurry to flip, but let Mia see a normal life picture, let her think, if the classification will how? And then we’ll see what the author does. Mia obviously regarded this as a fun game, the more excited the more excited, a book soon finished. "In fact is to organize art" is the author of the first publication of a book, will more than ten art works according to the color, graphics, re classified and arranged one by one analysis, let people to read the works of art from another angle. When I opened a book when I feel with my heart again, because as a complete loss of art polytechnic students, I will look at most when it used to draw what color, what line? Rather than experience the appeal of painting. The book clearly answered my question. Especially to see the "oblique curved legs woman finishing Schiller’s" the painting ", the result is a finishing plate of hemp, I could not help but the revealed cunning humor and laughter. "China animation classic series: 4 Volume Set" gourd brothers "China animation classic upgrade: black cat Sheriff" believe that many people are on the two cartoons for having heard it many times, once accompanied us through this simple, innocent childhood light of heart from care. I always thought that the excellent picture of overwhelming today, to the children of the two sets of books, the content is greater than the feelings. On the ideological content and artistic expression, the world’s top two sets of books and picture books or a distance. However, from the first time my father to Mia to see these two cartoons began, Mia is very fond of. For a time, every day is talking about the black cat sheriff and Huluva, even the kindergarten layout of the manual operation also requires the use of these two animation image to complete. In this regard, I am very tangled with a start: the two stories are the traditional way of thinking fight at outrance too much violence, and logical flaws. Since there are more and better picture books, animation can go, why these two cartoons would attract Mia? In anxiety after a long time, I can only talk to yourself, just as adults sometimes purely sensuous "popcorn" and obscenity components are "through" novels, and don’t let her see or don’t talk about it, let us see. It is important to her excellent picture books to provide more and better, improve the children’s ability to appreciate. So, I bought a gourd brothers and black cat相关的主题文章:

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