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Home-and-Family Many people would hesitate to leave their possessions outdoors in rain or sun. But with teak storage boxes, storing your things is a worry-free experience. Don’t clutter up your garage with pool toys, patio chair cushions and more, when you can put them where they are needed and can be close at hand, in your own backyard. These gorgeous containers possess so many features, you will want one for every room in your house. 1.The benefit of teak Teak storage boxes are made from one of the most durable hardwoods, so it will last for years with virtually no maintenance. There’s also no need to varnish teak, and its natural oils provide a finish along with a protective coating that wards off rot, warping and even insects. At the same time, teak is much more attractive a choice than rubber storage bins. 2.Silicone sealed lid Many teak storage boxes also feature lids sealed with a silicone coating that prevents moisture from getting in. This includes condensation. These and other storage boxes can also have double layered lids that are extra sturdy, or prop up lids. 3.Side or bottom slats for ventilation One way in which teak storage boxes outperform rubber is that they usually come with side or bottom slats for ventilation. Things like towels and chair cushions benefit from being in a well ventilated space because they will not end up smelling musty. Also, moist air that doesn’t have a chance to circulate can lead to mold buildup. 4.Steel hydraulic hinges Hydraulic safety hinges provide ease of opening and closing, but at the same time are child-friendly because they prevent the lid of teak storage boxes from slamming shut. Plus, the steel is sturdy and normally coated with a rustproof coat. Epoxy coated screws round out the rest of the metal hardware. 5.Weatherproof cover The thing about teak storage boxes is that even they need to be stored at some point. Weatherproof tarp covers can be slipped over storage bins throughout the winter to best protect the wood for prolonged periods of bad weather. 6.Multiple Uses Many teak storage boxes also double as a coffee table, a bench or a display chest. As a bench, some models even feature vinyl waterproof seat cushions on top, filled with a comfortable poly filling. 7.Ice Chest One of the other uses for teak storage boxes is as an ice chest for enjoying outdoor beverages. Some models are even designed specifically for this purpose, with a snap-in tarpaulin style liner that’s waterproof and keeps the interior temperature cool. These liners can withstand temperatures of as much as 50 degrees below 0 and hold around three 12 ounce cans plus 20-some lbs of ice. 8.Nontoxic Construction Teak is also a natural material whose construction does not include any toxic materials, as can be the case with other storage containers. This means that they are safer for small children to be around. 9.Personalized One feature that many wood furniture companies offer is the opportunity to personalize teak storage boxes, doormats and more. Have a family name, initials or personal motto engraved into the lid of your storage bin. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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