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Health We all want our efforts at being fit and healthy to be productive. But trying to figure out the best course of action is challenging! Advertisers know how important this part of our lives is to us, and they throw all kinds of expensive and gimmicky quick fixes at us. The truth is, you just need to keep it simple. I’m sure you’ve thought about the subject enough to realize that there are just two or three goals we’re trying to reach with any kind of exercise plan. First, by moving around more, and sweating a bit, we can burn extra fat that’s weighing us down. Any kind of moving will do. Walking is doable for almost anyone. It’s free. You need no special equipment beyond a decent pair of tennies. You can do it anywhere: around your neighborhood, up and down the stairs of your apartment building, at a park or local mall. But if you love to swim, that works, too. Running, biking, karate, jumping rope, pick one or more. The options are endless. If you need the external motivation of paying for a class or gym membership, do that. Just think about what’s really going to work in your life, and don’t spend more than is reasonable. And don’t waste that money by not showing up to sweat. Careful about investing in expensive exercise machines. Think about how many you’ve seen at yard sales… Second, we hope to tone up and strengthen various muscle groups and areas on our body that have been cruelly wrenched out of shape by gravity (and lethargy, pregnancy, potato chips, you know…) over the years. Again, keep it simple. Get a set of free weights and a good reference book such as Strong Women Stay Young by Dr. Miriam E. Nelson, or 101 Ways to Work Out with Weights by Cindy Whitmarsh and Keri Walsh. But hey, do not obsess. Do not cut out pictures of supermodels or muscle magazine cover models and have that be your goal. Look at real people. Third, we want to increase our overall health and well being. Lower the cholesterol and blood pressure. Strengthen the bones. Keep the heart working well. The benefits of an ‘active lifestyle’ are proclaimed endlessly on magazine covers, TV, books, etc., because the benefits are real, and the sooner you start reaping them, the better. But before you jump into any plan, take the time to get a complete physical from your physician. Tell him what you have in mind. Make sure there isn’t any reason for you not to go for it. Your doctor can give you an overall picture of The State of Your Body, and how far that deviates from glowing health. Then you’ll have the information you need to set realistic goals and make a practical, SIMPLE plan. About the Author: David Brooke, aka "The Brooker" has been a coach, speaker, and motivator for over 25 years, specializing in coaching people to be more productive and apply the "attitude of gratitude" in their lives. To access his "20 Point Survival Toolkit", a set of strategies for getting your life back on track, visit: ..thebrooker.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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