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Exclusive: Zhang Jizhong exposure derailed his wife son suspected positive transfer of property – Sohu entertainment fan Xin man Xiao Qi night secret meeting, suspected in the basement with hugs and kisses. [Click to view photos]   Sohu (all star entertainment news on the day before, a photo) within the circle of insiders to the all star exploration "while Zhang Jizhong broke the long term in the United States for the film, his wife fan and Zhang Xin man derailed her dry son Xiao Qi has two and a half years in the country, two people also deliberately plan Xiao Fan rob Zhang Jizhong in the company’s assets".   friends broke the news of Zhang Jizhong’s wife derailed his son. [Click to view photos]     insiders broke the news, "Xiao Qi hand picked by Zhang Jizhong as director, fan Xin man than the little teenager, he is on the surface of Zhang Jizhong Fan Xinman’s son, is that foreign gay, in fact, has been with the sexual fan for more than two years"! According to the news, Fan Xinman is now almost every day together, often go to each other’s home at night or spend the night together in the company". As for the relationship between fan Xin tendril Zhang Jizhong husband and wife? Insider broke the news, Fan Xinman particularly strong, Zhang Jizhong has been to love her, she was very painful, often take her to attend activities".     but the insider Schmidt, "but also broke the last time Zhang Jizhong went to the United States, and fan Xin man had a big quarrel", the relationship between the two from a sudden turn for the worse! "The culture of the company in Ji has opened the shareholders’ meeting, recall fan Xin man Xiao Qi duties, but they lingered in the transfer of the property of the company, deliberately plan", a source says, "now Zhang Jizhong has divided into two factions, one faction, Zhang Jizhong Fan Xinman Xiao Qi school, Xiao Fan sent to move empty company, fan Xin man quietly put many of Zhang Jizhong’s script copyright have become her signature, such as the script directly into their own." Insiders also broke the news, now in the culture of finance is also very chaotic".   Xiao Qi intimate photo of sun circle of friends. Within the circle of insiders also exposed to large fan Xin man and scout also wears a beard, wearing glasses Xiao Qifa in the circle of friends of the photo, showing two figure really unscrupulous frequently appear in each other in the circle of friends, intimate photos of each other.   Zhang Jizhong’s wife and son intimate photo exposure. For authenticity verification of this bid, the popular studio photographer on the whereabouts of the two parties, Fan Xinman Xiao Qi launched a continuous with the film, in this process, the photographer actually captured two people in the library very close to the scene. From the first day with the film look, on Sunday night at about 8, the photographer direct to fan Xin man alone to visit Xiao Qijia picture, completely different from the ordinary visitors no card to go into the dilemma, fan Xin man handheld card room, like Naga Naoi, to return to their homes as smooth? It seems that she and Xiao Qi relationship is cooked to the unusual? About 11 o’clock that night, fan Xin man left Shaw and Xiao Qi in the night tryst 3 hours later, Xiao Qi stood gazing fan Xin man ride into the night, also waved goodbye, unable to part. Then, on the night of last Tuesday, fan Xin tendril, Xiao Qi from the discipline of the company after the culture of both appeared in the company’s library.相关的主题文章:

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