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Exclusive: China and Shi Jianquan movies in a Sohu culture channel lead: inbreeding coefficient than the novelist, screenwriter seems more like a storyteller, the story of the introduction constitute a part of the popular drama the most attractive. Shi Jianquan cited a proverb in the description of "play", "dog bites is not news, if a man bites a dog called news". However, with the introduction of IP and other models into the film, copying becomes a shortcut for many people to tell the story, so the routines linked to the routine, the virus spread in general. Is it a lack of story? But in real life, all kinds of news seems to be more than the story on the screen more bizarre and wonderful. How to reshape the drama of life, to become a real fun to see the play, it seems that we are currently the most lacking. Write a lifetime drama Shi Jianquan said, is to return to the classic, looking from the name and the works of those was repeatedly mentioned in the book, let skin generation to read a generation of drama to live again. The Shanghai pen song invited to the famous film screenwriter reed, Shi Jianquan, to form a seminar at the Beijing writers coach Palace Hotel, two people will be starting from years of creative experience, and we discuss how to write the script, and how to present Chinese film dilemma breakthrough. Guest: Shi Jianquan, the famous writer China and top TV drama literature planning, writers 90s classic TV series "needle", "police track" no regrets; film credits include the 53 Cannes prize jury "Devils", with Zhang Yimou as an adaptation of Cohen brothers "blood simple". "Three shots.". Life is the source of creation, the words say I do not want to say, talk about the poor, the poor will be vulgar. It is able to withstand heavy battering the truth. Art comes from life, higher than life. Life is always greater than art. In the creation of only you can not think of things, there is nothing in life can not happen, but the reality of life is not equal to the reality of art. In my impression, most beginners debut, all write their own experiences. I remember in about 2001, when the movie channel has just started, there are many young writers to write something, mostly wrote how a little boy fell in love with a woman, I read this kind of story was five, six. This is probably the most primitive young boy first awakening interest in the opposite sex ideal, but also some of the works written in his own home, this is the life in your brand on, you can not erase. Floyd said, in the child’s psychological knot, life can not be untied." "The ancients as shizaohua", this is what I learned, a teacher told me, more children are now learning from the movie to movie, out of the routine, inbreeding coefficient will more deformity. Cohen’s brother’s "snow storm" is then hit the United States out of a true story…… Take the long march…… I even have a few pieces of Red Army Chinese passed to all don’t know, later, I learned that the Red Army is the three large base, Jiangxi, Xiangxi, henan…….相关的主题文章:

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