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Health Body Shops offer health and beauty products one needs in order to stay healthy and gorgeous. Also, Bath & Body Works and The Body Shop Intl are two popular body shops in the US. The past ten years gave rise to the growth and popularity of the bath and body shops industry in the United States. Body shops have grown in demand as more and more men and women put importance in their bodys well being and beauty, particularly the skin. Body shops are popular because they present a generous array of beauty and body enhancing products from lotions, body moisturizers, to bath oils, soaps, to make-ups and concealers. Lotions flavored with various natural ingredients such as mint are one of body shops major offers. Mint lotions are ideal for your feet and hands which are the most prone to dryness than other body parts. As for cosmetics, you can choose from organic and Vitamin E or C based lipsticks and make-ups. Body shops also provide tons of perfumed sweet indulgences that consist of shower gels, shampoos, perfumes and aromatic candles that can turn the simple daily rituals into a treat. You can also find a whole line of spa and aromatherapy products as well as other beauty tools and accessories (pumice, loofas and sponges). Apparels, jewelries and gift items are found in several body shops thus making them one-stop store indeed. You will no longer have to visit the saloon more often as you can pamper yourself with these creations while relaxing in your tub or lying on the couch. Some body shops like Goodebodies sell beauty products made by other cosmetic .panies such as those of Burt’s Bees and Revlon. While still others manufacture their own cosmetics like in the case of the well-known The Body Shop International. The cosmetics of The Body Shop International have be.e popular because all of the ingredients are of organic extracts and are not tested on any animals. So organic that their shampoo is made of banana extract and their foot lotion is made of peppermint, they may even sound delectable. Its a preferred shop for people who are into creams and lotions and it has a line of more than 1,200 products thats animal cruelty-free. For its strict guidelines against animal testing, The Body Shop International plc is the first global aesthetic brand to receive an award from the Humane Cosmetics Standard. The .pany also has its own fair trade program that makes them to be the only cosmetics firm with enormous steadfastness to doing business fairly. The late Anita Roddick was the founder of The Body Shop and today it has more than 2,100 shops in 55 nations. Outshined by Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop quit manufacturing and shifted to retailing in 2006. Bath & Body Works, major .petitor of The Body Shop, is a subsidiary of Limited Brands, Inc. and was established in Ohio in 1990. The .pany integrated health and beauty by .bining conventional spa and aromatherapy products with botanical ingredients in its personal care creations. Bath & Body Works today has over 1,600 shops all over United States. Body Shops are synonymous with beauty. And, getting the products you need to stay g.eous are in one convenient place. So the next time you shop, look for a body shop. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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