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Internet-and-Business-Online As aspiring online marketers one of the first techniques we discover is email list marketing, we are constantly bombarded with the phrase – ‘the money is in the list’ but none of the established marketers is prepared to explain what this means in simple terms and how we can actually go about doing it (without charging several thousand dollars for one to one coaching or mentoring). Firstly let me start by explaining what ‘a list’ is. A list is purely and simply the contact details of your customers. Whether you operate a small eBay store or you own a chain of ‘brick and mortar’ shops if you aren’t recording the contact details of your customers then you are leaving money on the table. It really is as simple as that. There is no mystery and nothing .plicated about it, if you can .municate with the people who have bought (or expressed an interest in) your products then you will make more money. All of my websites are designed with email list marketing in mind, the first priority is not to sell my products but to capture email addresses, if I do this right my list grows over time and so does my in.e. As I said; no mystery, nothing .plicated, it just works. To put the importance of list building into perspective more than half of my online in.e .es directly from my list. OK, so now you know what ‘a list’ is and the benefits of having one but how do you start? The first step is to collect email addresses and the most .mon way of doing this is to put an ‘opt-in’ form in front of your customers. This is simply a box on a web page or a paper form in a brick and mortar shop that collects an email address (and usually a name) in exchange for some benefit. The incentive could be a free report (eBook) or free entry into a .petition to win a valuable prize, it doesn’t really matter what the incentive is so long as it is relevant to your customer and has a worthwhile perceived value. The next step is to build your relationship with your customer by sending regular emails that engage, inform and entertain. The key to email list marketing is to .municate regularly, your ultimate aim is for your subscriber to develop the habit of opening your emails and clicking your links and this will only happen if you provide quality content regularly (at least once per week.) Having successfully established rapport and won your customer’s trust you can move to the next stage which involves product re.mendation. Now there is one tool that makes all of this possible – the autoresponder. Before I go on, let me be quite clear, you cannot build and market to your list effectively without an autoresponder, it is an essential piece of kit. There is no need to be scared of using an autoresponder, it is like any other tool, once you are familiar with it it second nature. There are lots of autoresponders on the market, just Google ‘autoresponder’ but first a word of warning – remember that your email list is your most valuable business asset, bar none, don’t be tempted to save money by taking the cheapest option, do your research and follow the advice of established marketers that you trust. My personal choice is Aweber, it isn’t the cheapest option but for me it is the most professional package available as it not only provides the tools to enable you to make money with email list marketing it also provides the back up support and tutorials to help you get your first campaign off the ground. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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