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Eleven where to play a fun mobile phone China Palace is looking forward to the National Day Golden Week holidays will as in the past seven days soon, detonated domestic passenger travel enthusiasm. In order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic during the festival area surrounding the protection of tourists, have a safe and peaceful holiday, Lintong district government and traffic department of United Huaqing area, combined with the previous golden week management experience, ahead of the National Day period to do a good job of the arrangements for the deployment, introduced a number of measures to cope with the pressure, to create a safe and smooth travel environment for tourists. The wisdom of tourism upgrade, a mobile phone in the scenic scenic fun Hua Qing "eleven" Golden Week "launched a mobile phone fun attractions" wisdom travel experience project. Visitors can online booking through the mobile phone whenever and wherever possible, and brush dimensional code to achieve rapid admission ticket, the ticket window queuing time is greatly reduced, greatly improve the speed of the tourist park. It will also allow the Hua Qing Shaanxi has become the first mobile phone to achieve two-dimensional code fast park scenic spots. The scenic setting of 200 WiFi sites, visitors attention to connect to the Internet using the scenic area scenic official WeChat, mobile phone micro official website, free electronic map, free voice navigation and other online functions, a mobile phone can be a happy tour scenic area, fully understand the cultural relics in the history behind the story. In order to ensure the safety of tourists visiting scenic spots, infrared detection, surveillance cameras and other equipment has been fully covered, the real-time monitoring and management of the carrying amount of the highest admission flow. Free shuttle bus operators as the main destination for tourists to provide convenience as Eastern Xi’an tour, Lintong district traffic pressure surge during the festival. In order to alleviate traffic congestion, Lintong district government, the traffic control department of the United bus company will launch a free shuttle bus to Phoenix Avenue, Huaqing Palace, along Terracotta Army, will be driving traffic in the city periphery, to alleviate traffic pressure surrounding scenic spot. At the same time, China Palace scenic spot to enable all spare parking lot, the protection of tourists travel comfort, from traffic congestion problems. Liyuan established hundreds of volunteers team service tourists in response to the incident, hundreds of young volunteers in China Palace scenic, scenic main road peripheral bus lines, the obligation to explain, provide free consultation and guide services. Scenic spots will also be deployed more than 300 second staff and coordinate the resident police officers in the area and outside the front-line services to tourists, especially in key regions, visit bottlenecks to increase staffing, ensure the single cycle tour scenic spots. At the same time open all the ticket window and admission channel to create a safe and orderly environment for tourists tourism. Bridge to advocate tourism civilization and create a good atmosphere of tourism scenic spots persist for years "waste water activities played a positive role in promoting cultural tourism. During the golden week this year, will continue to carry out the "civilized scenic tourism waste water" public welfare activities, to solve the problem of tourists throw rubbish in this way in order to promote environmental protection, civilization, civilized travel tourists visit. The ballet "song" actor team will present wonderful series of Tang music and dance performances in the scenic area. Visitors can also participate in the scenic area of the Tang Dynasty kickball contest, a number of Tang Dynasty cast pot athletic and cultural activities, enhance the cultural tourism experience, feel the rich history and festive atmosphere in Qing china. The pursuit of Shaanxi characteristics of food tourists相关的主题文章:

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