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UnCategorized Email marketing is the use of electronic mail for mass marketing. There are a lot of businessmen nowadays who use this strategy to increase the targeted traffic on their website. As the targeted traffic increases, sales and profit also increase. Email marketing also means creating a relationship with your customer. It is a means of .munication between you and your current or previous customer. By sending an email, you have the chance of making a repeat sale, while at the same time, you can convince potential and current customers to buy your products and services. However, the .mon mistake of businessmen with an email marketing strategy is they tend to send emails to individuals who have no interest in their products or services. Take note that these individuals treat unsolicited emails as spam. While you are doing your supposed-to-be "effective" marketing strategy, here are individuals who think of your emails as spam. The downside is, instead of getting the desired targeted traffic, your emails are flagged as spam by your recipients. And instead of making a distinction of your .pany brand from other brands in the market, you are damaging your products and sales. Permission-Based Marketing To address the current problem with regard to unsolicited emails and spam, internet marketers develop permission-based marketing or the opt-in email advertising. This technique of marketing involves asking permission from an interested individual to send him an email about the .pany and the product or service. If the individual gave his consent, then you can now carry out your email marketing strategy. With this method of marketing, there is an initial understanding between the sender and the receiver. You have already established a more personal .munication with your customer since he already expects your email. Developing an Effective Email Marketing Strategy In order to succeed with permission-based marketing, and email marketing in general, you need to prepare your strategy for attracting your recipient’s interest to your email. This strategy includes determining your audience, subject and topic of your message, and your goal. 1. Define specific goals. Your goal can be a 10% increase in your monthly sales, develop your seller-customer relationship, or make your product stand out from the rest of products available in the market by giving your customers an expert advice. By defining your specific goals, you are going to be led to the right path of marketing. 2. Evaluate your customers. With a thorough evaluation of your customers, you can set apart those customers who are willing to receive an email about a certain product or service. You may have a smaller email list than the previous one, but now, the desired effects of your marketing strategy can be felt by your .pany. 3. Create a relevant content for your email. Broken email campaigns are the concerns of most inter. marketers today. Since the email provider block images in an email to prevent spam, the result is a broken email campaign. If an image is not necessary for your email campaign, then you are fortunate. You can freely carry on with your marketing your product. On the other hand, you can send your email campaign in a secure location to prevent broken campaigns. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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