Do not escape because of small things

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Not because of "small things" lucky escape police reminder: not because of "small things" lucky to escape a branch of the traffic police brigade accident police said, according to the relevant provisions of the "law" and "criminal law", motor vehicle driver in a traffic accident while driving the car without leaving the vehicle, fled the scene of the accident, the injured or abandoned, trying to escape legal action will be identified as a traffic accident. Due to its bad behavior, the behavior is not only a driver’s license will be revoked, will be sentenced to administrative detention; if the death caused by escape, will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 7 years. Police said that the fight against traffic accident has been the focus of the branch to fight, the last 10 days, a branch has handled the traffic accident caused by the 3 cases. These 3 cases have a common character, is a small accident, but the driver is often considered to be a small matter, they have a chance to make a move to escape. In fact, regardless of the magnitude of the consequences, the driver should get off in time to see the injured condition, and the police for help. Case: 1.11 month 4 o’clock in the evening of 9, a gross drunk driving car, seven miles from Chengdu, the direction of travel to the Wu Xing Lu Jinfeng, Jinfeng Road, pedestrian crossing with a pedestrian injuries caused by collision. After the incident, Mao driving escape. 5 morning, Mao was stopped by traffic police. 7 point 2.7 on the evening of 7, Zhou driving off-road bus, along the River Road, to double road driving, in a reverse lane, and a car to direct driving cars and a bus collided, out of control over the green belt, rushed to the side of the riverbank. Accident caused the car and three passengers were injured, after the incident, Zhou abandoned car escape. Soon, Mao was blocked by the police. Huaxi Dushi Bao client reporter Li Tianyu photo coverage相关的主题文章:

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