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Attraction Developing your prosperity consciousness quickly helps you make money online fast. As blocks to wealth dissolve you meet prospering individuals who are happy to join your team or buy your product. The shift occurs as you move from a .petitive to creative plane of thought. For example, I deleted 5 spam .ments earlier today from 1 of my blogs. The individual leaving these .ments has a poverty consciousness , repelling away money and all forms of wealth with their low energy acts. Prosperity conscious people tune into abundance with ease. No straining, no striving. Simply working light, and prospering. Developing Your Prosperity Consciousness Quickly 1 – Rest All your best ideas hit you when you do not look for them . Eureka moments happen away from the laptop, or off the phone. Detaching from work activities for a walk, or meditating, or sleeping, opens you up to the infinite flow of creative ideas knocking on your mind’s door 24-7, 365 days of the year. Resting eases tension and dissolves blocks to prospering ideas. Pulling back helps you generate money-making ideas with greater ease. 2 – Cash Gifting Releasing cash freely makes you a magnet to good things. Cash gifting trains you to release money freely, which makes you a magnet to money and other forms of wealth. Simply offer a cash gift and share a website to a targeted group of generous people who wish to bless you. Gifting is a change up to a home based business: no product or service to sell, no people to recruit. 3 – Count Your Dollars Open your wallet. Count your money. Counting dollars makes you a magnet to more dollars, expanding your prosperity consciousness dramatically. Take your time. Feel the texture. Feel gratitude for the wealth you own and wealth on the way . This practice makes you a magnet to abundance. Slowly touch each dollar bill. Touch your credit cards. Visualize the blessings you received with money you have spent, and all the blessings you will receive in the future. 4 – Lose Poverty Conscious Folks Bill Gates hangs out with Warren Buffet. Birds of a prospering feather flock together. Hanging with poverty conscious folks kills your abundant mindset. Your energy is spent trying to defend yourself against the insidious mind viruses these people spread. Lose this crowd. Refuse to engage in any conversation surrounding lack and limitation . Your mind is your spiritual estate. Protect your mind at all costs. 5 – Study Wealthy People The wealthiest people on earth developed their wealth consciousness to such levels where money sprinted to them. JD Rockefeller gave away nickels as a kid, making him a magnet to money. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet give away a large portion of their fortunes to philanthropic endeavors. Individuals who give freely receive generously. Study these people in great detail. Learn how they acquired massive fortunes and adopt traits from their personality. 6 – Turn Off the News The news is primarily poverty, jealousy and death . How do these topics bring you wealth? You can’t focus on sickness all day to find the cure to sickness, for wherever your attention goes, grows. You cure sickness by focusing on health all day. Likewise, you be.e prosperity conscious by focusing on images of wealth and refusing to digest images of poverty, jealousy and death on the news. You benefit those people suffering from these states by making the most of yourself, and you make the most of yourself by tuning into images of health, wealth and happiness. 7 – Spend 1 Hour in Personal Development Daily Spend at least 1 hour in personal development each day. Work on your mental tools persistently to tune into abundance effortlessly. The outside world mirrors the inner world. Attracting wealth occurs with ease as you mentally attune yourself to receive wealth. Meditate. Visualize. Affirm. Spend time studying classics like, "Think and Grow Rich" . Devote at least 1 hour daily to personal develop to attract more wealth. Developing Your Prosperity Consciousness Quickly – Summary Rest up to receive your most inspirational ideas. Engage in cash gifting to be.e more sticky to money. Count your dollars to express gratitude and attract more wealth. Lose poverty conscious folks and study wealthy people to tune into abundance with greater ease. Turn off the news and spend 1 hour or more in personal development daily to turbocharge your net worth. Developing your prosperity consciousness simple as you follow these tips each day. About the Author: By: Mark Well – There is an essential need to groom and maintain ones physical appearance. It generally brings out the first impression of a persons overall personality and outlook. 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