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Deputy director of the media: why not cheat room pursue criminal liability? – Sohu comments third eyes hope that the relevant departments to the initiative to clarify the community, or has been transferred to judicial organs, the judiciary decided not to file, please explain the reasons for the judiciary. Recently, the Ministry of human resources and social party issued "on the special inspection rectification briefing", which revealed a "lucky official": former deputy director of the policy research department, housing subsidies 165 thousand yuan last year because of fraud, by the party a serious warning, administrative demerits punishment and be free of duty. Two months later, the official transferred to the deputy editor in chief of the labor and social security office, administrative level is still Deputy Secretary level, a substantial increase in wages. Be free after the original return, wages did not fall but rise, we certainly feel unfair. Currently, the Ministry of human resources and social security has been removed from his post by the labor and social security newspaper for its special work arrangements, the implementation of five staff salaries. First of all, the public on the matter or some doubts, the deputy director for housing subsidies 165 thousand yuan, why only by the party and government discipline, not subject to criminal liability? Defrauding the state, including housing subsidies, including a variety of subsidies, the amount is large, has been in line with the use of fictitious facts, conceal the truth of the way to defraud public property, the composition of the crime of fraud. Before, there are a lot of people because of defrauding state subsidies, the crime of fraud. As of 2014, Anhui province Huoqiu County Township home appliance sales operators Hao Moumou because of false impersonator, household appliances subsidies more than 4.5 yuan, was sentenced to the crime of fraud, sentenced to 2 years probation for 2 years and 6 months. The deputy director of the national high level cadres, should play an exemplary role in abiding by the law, violation of the law, should be severely punished. And deputy director of defrauding state subsidies 165 thousand yuan, has reached the crime of fraud, the amount is huge, the scope of the sentencing should be more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years and fined". However, this has been suspected of fraud crime, then why not transferred to judicial organs, but only the party and government discipline? I hope that the relevant departments can take the initiative to clarify the community, or has been transferred to the judiciary, the judiciary decided not to file, please clarify the reasons for the judiciary, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding of justice. Secondly, due to the cancellation of housing subsidies were dismissed, after the FireWire flat comeback, this light punishment also contrary to the original intention of disciplinary action. Deputy director was dismissed, and the "removal" is different from "dismissal" is a neutral word, not "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations", "civil law" stipulated punishment types. However, the Interim Provisions on the implementation of the accountability of Party and government leading cadres clearly requires that the removed cadres shall not be re appointed as a leading position within a year". The deputy director was dismissed from the same level to return but every two months, obviously does not meet the party. Of course, the newspaper belongs to the business unit, a "edge ball" space. However, strict discipline in the law of the land "is strictly in the era of social consensus. Even before the cheat up behavior, does not constitute a crime, the party discipline should be severely punished. Cheat up, transfer, salary)相关的主题文章:

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