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UnCategorized Anyone who owns an air compressor understand the importance of properly maintaining their machine. A crucial tool in this process is a condensate management system. So long as these systems are functional, they are very important components of all air compressor systems because they separate the small amount of oil from the condensate that gathers in the air compressors. This allows the caretakers of the air compressor to perform simple, ecological, and economical disposal of any leftover waste. Since unwanted and excess oil can be a serious problem in an air compressor system, oil and water separators or condensate managements systems are installed to reduce the waste oil concentration. However, before disposing of this oil into the sewer, you must make sure to reduce it to legal limits. If you do not do this, you could be harshly punished for disobeying the law and potentially poisoning the nearby environment. Most separators naturally reduce the oil to a level permitted for disposal, but always check with your local municipality to be sure everything is alright. It is also good practice to periodically send out a sample of the reduced oil for analysis, in order to be confident that you are correctly following the rules. In the past, people would use a waste management company to come and remove collected condensate from their site. This, however, came only at a considerable cost. Today there are a number of different types of condensate management systems which can used independently within a company, and can separate almost any compressor fluid from the condensate. This allows the 98% of the condensate that is solely water to be disposed on site. The small percentage of remaining oil can then be collected and recycled, or disposed of at a much cheaper rate than what was possible before. When one owns an industrial air compressor, there are many benefits of using a condensate management system to maintain and clean it. One of these benefits is that these systems will protect your air compressor from damage by removing harmful excess oils. You will also ensure that the compressed air that is being delivered to your company is clean, protecting your product from any possible harm. You will also be saving a great amount of money in waste removal and fines, because you can clean your air compressors without the help of a second party. Finally, condensate management systems allow companies to be environmentally conscious and safe during waste disposal by removing any toxic oils from water that could otherwise be safely drained into the environment. About the Author: Established in 1986, Air Center Inc. is a full service compressor company dedicated to customer satisfaction that provides full service as well as a sales staff available for technical support, estimates, preventative maintenance and emergency service. Its factory trained technicians have the experience and skill to service any compressed air equipment. Call 800-273-5421 ..aircenternj../ Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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