College graduates are not as good as migrant workers or social progress

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The wage of graduates as migrant workers or migrant workers salary and the performance of social progress [Abstract] with the university graduates, in the background of our country is very strong, because a lot of people read the purpose of university is to get a good job, get a higher salary… According to the Ministry of human resources and social data, migrant workers in 2015 the average monthly income of 3072 yuan over the past 10 years, the average monthly income of migrant workers increased by 251%. Corresponding to the 2015 college graduates after six months average monthly income of 3726 yuan. College graduates’ income advantage of migrant workers has shrunk from about 1.8 times in late 2005 to about 1.2 times. (the "twenty-first Century economic report" in September 19th) and migrant workers get salary of university graduates, in the realistic background our country is very strong, because a lot of people read the purpose of university is to get a good job, get a higher salary. If the University’s economic returns decline, even after graduation pay less than migrant workers, the attractiveness of the university will be greatly reduced. In some rural areas in the Midwest and rural areas, there has been a decline in the economic returns of the University, and a new "useless reading" phenomenon. However, the narrowing of the gap between the compensation of the migrant workers and college graduates is the trend of the times, and is the inevitable result of social progress and the improvement of labor remuneration. In the developed countries of Europe and America, the social status of the workers is fully protected, because the welfare and wages of the workers are not low. This provides more employment options for individuals, people need not only looked at a few "dressed" industries and jobs. Only go to college to become the social concept is expected to change, the students in junior high school after graduation, you can choose the vocational school, after graduating from high school can not directly participate in the college entrance examination employment. Of course, migrant workers to obtain their own career development, in the post to be recognized, also need to master modern skills. Go to college to learn, do workers to learn. Accept vocational education and university academic courses, there is no high or low points. In the university economic return is reduced, students and parents can not fall into thinking that since college graduates and migrant workers pay almost, then don’t go to college; since college, not high school (including occupation high school), than to go to work early. So to give up his studies to "work" migrant workers, due to the lack of proficiency in a particular line can only do simple manual work. However, in order to adapt to the development of the times, migrant workers also need to continue to charge, including vocational training and continuing education. Higher education must also think seriously about what is available to the educated For a long time, China’s higher education to the education of the most important thing is to return a paper diploma, with a diploma, graduates will be able to find a good job. And now, more and more diploma worthless, if the continuation of the current mode of running colleges and universities, do not say that the identity of college students will be worthless, and even the education itself will fall into crisis. Higher schools should provide education to education for genuine goods at a fair price, educators think this study experience is worth it. The return of higher education to the educated, including utilitarian value and non utilitarian value. Utilitarian value, mainly through the study of knowledge and skills.相关的主题文章:

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