Chinese online literature into a popular film and television script author income over ten million chompoo araya

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Chinese online literature into a popular film and television script author income over ten million U.S. media said, the flower of the bone is a book never went to the bookstore to sell. In 2009 it was first published in a literary website, but the energy-saving is now one of the most successful brand China. According to the U.S. "New York Times" reported on October 29th, the copyright in the novel four years ago sold about immortal men and women to kill each other and decreed by fate, in his love story, it has now become a licensed products, including video games, upcoming movies and a hit TV drama, the drama has become the first China click more than 20 billion times the amount of TV drama. Reported that the drama from obscurity to pop, reflected a lot on the Internet only published work, a strong appetite for intellectual property prompted producers to search the Internet works. Intellectual property is one of the most popular terms in China, which can be transferred and adapted to other forms. The country’s film, television and video game industry has developed rapidly, in order to compete with the audience, entertainment companies everywhere to find high-quality local intellectual property content. In order to find good work, managers turned to a common source: books, existing films and comics. But they are increasingly developing online a secluded corner: avoid the ink depends entirely on the intelligent mobile phone and the prosperity of the network literature, which includes the tomb, science fiction, fantasy, love and martial arts, now it has become a booming industry billions of dollars. "The author of" flower and bone is a 30 year old Jiang Chenzhou, she more network readers familiar with the name is Fresh, she said: "Chinese network literature is full of good stories and intellectual property. On the Internet, you have creative space. More expression space, less restrictions, less stress." "When I finished the novel in 2009, the market was just beginning to fire. Two years later, the producer came into contact with me and asked me if I wanted to adapt the story. Everyone is talking about intellectual property right now." Reported that, in order to cater to the management, online book sites in a relatively uncensored environment to provide a number of market proven characters and plots, some sites have thousands of books. Chen Ming (voice) is a grand game product manager, was previously the largest network of literary web site editor, he said. Create original fantasy is not own no danger of anything going wrong. But the market has proved that the adaptation of popular network literature can get a lot of revenue." The government report showed that 297 million people last year, accounting for about 43% of China’s Internet users, have read online literature, which has become one of the top ten reasons for Chinese Internet users last year. Reported that this popularity is due in part to the traditional publishing industry to keep the pacific. In contrast, China’s network provides a more arbitrary space. The writing is usually a process of interacting with the reader. The author can not only read the reader’s comments, but also sometimes respond. Reported that China’s growing number of intellectual property rights to sell to the entertainment company, which is not the same as the business model before the network literature industry. Shanda literature and other large companies to focus on encouraging inquiry相关的主题文章:

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