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China is expected to debut released: 433 formation striker Yu Dabao headed Lippi led sina sports training in November 15th, fifth games Chinese men’s soccer team will usher in the 2018 World Cup qualifying round 12 match against Qatar National team home court. The game is also the silver fox Lippi in the first game after China team coach, Lippi made it clear that before the war, will strive for three points, hope to be able to continue to retain qualifying theory of hope. So, Lippi’s national team and Gao Hongbo during the main what happens? This is also very much concerned about the outside world and look forward to the war. Although Lippi at the beginning of said will be the constant brigade for the team squad, but in fact the previous national team training list, the constant brigade is international large, no matter what the coach selection lineup is certainly the most Hengda players. As a result, Lippi’s choice may not be too obvious changes. The key is to look at the same staff, in the hands of Lippi will play a different role. At the back, Lippi will no doubt to the constant brigade international, in fact, like Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linpeng, Li Xuepeng, Gao Jun in the period is the main force lineup. Before the training, Lippi has let Mei Fang Feng Xiaoting and partner with Li Xuepeng coming back from injury condition is getting better and better, Lippi or may choose Li Xuepeng and Feng Xiaoting as central defender. At the same time in the right back to choose Zhang Linpeng, left back to choose Jiang Zhipeng, which are almost no controversial candidate. In the goalkeeper’s position, Yan Junling, Yang Zhi, and in the teaching of the game in the 8 have appeared, the three may also be the main goalkeeper. In the midfield, Captain Zheng Zhi back to the bottom position, this is also the national team Lippi and Gao Jun period the biggest difference. Beside Zheng Zhi, Lippi in front of the warm-up match arranged for Hao Junmin and Yu Hai, with Zheng Zhihe Hao Junmin two people who have been very understanding, able to play in the midfield playmaker role, while Yu Hai’s position is more flexible, can attack cruise to left midfield position, and defensive back into the midfield play interception effect. In the three attack in front of the staff, Lippi hands have a lot of choices. With the drow team’s warm-up match, Zhang Xizhe, Yu Dabao, Gao Lin at the top. However, in the 14 day war training, Lippi is the symbol of the lineup of the yellow vest to Wu Lei, Gao Lin did not get a yellow vest, do not know whether people will temporarily change the front. Just as Lippi said before the conference, Chinese team wants to win, we must strive to score, so not only to make tactical frontcourt effective, no matter who play must have confidence and courage enough, this is undoubtedly the most demanding more attacking players. China forecast: first team goalkeeper: Wang Dalei defender Li Xuepeng, Feng Xiaoting, Jiang Zhipeng, Zhang Linpeng, Yu Hai, Zheng Zhi, Hao Junmin: avant garde: Zhang Xizhe, Yu Dabao, Gao Lin striker相关的主题文章:

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