Catfish in the coastal areas of Fujian heavy rains

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"Catfish" in Fujian coastal rainstorm remnants of Fuzhou Beijing in September 30, (Long Min) affected by the "catfish" residual circulation, heavy rains in the coastal area of Fujian Province, local heavy rain. Fujian provincial flood control office 30, informed the water caused by heavy rains and Jinjiang and Xixi dashng Dongxi, Aojiang Huokou Creek, Mulanxi river part such as hyper alert, at present, the river water level has dropped to below the warning level. According to 29 days 7 to 30 days 7 hours statistics, rainfall 50~100 millimeters of 8 counties (cities, districts); more than 100 mm, there are 5 counties (cities, districts), respectively, Yongchun 136 mm, Zhangpu 132 mm, Jinjiang 131 mm, Nanan 123 mm, Dehua 106 mm. 1 hours of maximum rainfall and 3 hours of maximum rainfall are in Zhangpu, 59 mm and 107 mm, respectively. Fujian provincial flood control office to strengthen flood duty and leadership class, the large rainfall County timely guidance to remind, required to do preventive work, the timely transfer of the masses, to ensure the safety of personnel. According to the Fujian meteorological observatory forecast, the southern region has moderate to heavy rain, local rainstorm. (finished) (China News Network) >

“鲇鱼”余威犹在 福建沿海出现暴雨中新网福州9月30日电 (龙敏)受“鲇鱼”残余环流影响,福建省沿海地区出现暴雨,局地大暴雨。福建省防汛办30日通报,暴雨造成大樟溪、晋江西溪和东溪、敖江霍口溪、木兰溪等部份河段的水位超警戒,目前,各江河水位已回落至警戒水位以下。据29日7时~30日7时统计,降雨量50~100毫米的有8个县(市、区);超过100毫米有5个县(市、区),分别是永春136毫米、漳浦132毫米、晋江131毫米、南安123毫米、德化106毫米。1小时最大降雨和3小时最大降雨量均在漳浦,分别为59毫米和107毫米。福建省防汛办加强防汛值班和领导带班,对降雨较大的县及时点对点提醒指导,要求做好防范工作,及时转移群众,确保人员安全。据福建省气象台预报,今天南部地区有中到大雨,局部暴雨。(完)(中国新闻网)>相关的主题文章:

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