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Automobiles In 1769, a French engineer, Nicolas Joseph Cugnot would have never thought that his self-propelled vehicle will bring revolution and that it would spark the establishment of the automobile industry. With each passing year, new cars came into existence and each one of them acted as a stepping stone to the technological evolution. A Strassenwagen’ in the 1870’s was priced at thousands of dollars. But, modern mini SUVs and 4-door sedans are classified as cheap cars only due to the competition and disposable’ income of the population. It’s just not the new cars, but the types/variants of cars that are available to buyers which brought the concept of penetrating advertising’ and automobile market research’ onto the scene. The convertibles’, station wagons’, 2-door coupes’, sports cars’ and the mini-frame mileage cars’ are few of the many alternatives at a consumer’s disposal. With changes in the automobile market’s strategies, the consumers also have rethought their buying patterns. A prospect buyer nowadays spends ample time to compare cars over the cyber space. Instead of visiting every brand and their showrooms, virtual reviews on all luxury and cheap cars segments helps people to critically compare cars on possible parameters from features to prices. Necessity’ is an obsolete term when compared to status’, with regards to why people want cars. Let alone new cars, even the old/second hand car market is thriving like any other industry. This market not only gives opening for lower-middle class income group to avail cheap cars with affordable quality, but also gives manufacturers an opportunity to cash on such consumer’s demands. In India, more than 15 lakh cars are sold every 10 months either on credit or import. Out of this, approximately 27% of sales are done due to websites that brands build for awareness and even the PR web activities that compare cars and provides positive expert comments to attract prospects. With new international players stepping into Indian scene, all of us can expect new cars with global quality, optimal performance and a stiffer competition in the domestic automobile segment, which will ensure buying of the cost effective status symbol: car. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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