Cao Yunjin recalled 16 years of Art the road to He Yunwei entertainment Sohu meyou

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Cao Yunjin recalled 16 years of Art: the road to He Yunwei Cao Yunjin and He Yunwei Sohu entertainment comic stage new Express News November 1st Guo Degang, Cao Yunjin mentoring some time ago much raise a Babel of criticism of war of words Cao Yunjin Anhui TV guest tonight, variety show "the variety of star in it" for the first time, talked about his art for sixteen years of hardships, and said his most grateful is He Yunwei. This time, Cao Yunjin tried to hope a home improvement renovation, home living room. He also talked about her career path. Recall the first Beijing apprenticeship experience, Cao Yunjin exposes himself to suffer economic distress, moved several times, the deepest impression is rented in the He Yunwei family of storage between experience, "at that time, He Yunwei has a storage room of their home, 350 dollars a month, I rented here." Because there is no money, can only move to take the bus, in order not to influence others daily travel, also can choose to move in the middle of the night, "He Yunwei helped me move home, we moved at night, sit the last bus, then the bus will go under two stations." Remember that time is hard, Cao Yunjin bluntly, up to now have special thanks to He Yunwei, he even didn’t forget to thank the good brothers piece, "I feel a bit sorry, probably because of that move, led to his height growth!" program, Cao Yunjin also said that he is a love life and family, cooking class, love and friends. In addition, Cao Yunjin opened a special sports space at home, "your gym in your home, you have no reason to practice? [Cao Yunjin He Yunwei] Reading shelling Guo Degang shouts behind Cao Yunjin in September 5th, micro-blog issued a document listing the shelling Guo Degang" seven sins ", the evening of September 5th, He Yunwei micro Bo Cao Yunjin said is true, reasonable, and said WeChat has thanked the gold, He Yunwei also said recently busy filming the show comic, a lot of work, thank your support and. It is reported that the He Yunwei, August 6, 2010 and Li Jing issued a statement from Devon, when Guo Degang led the disciples worship Hou Yaowen, Guo Degang in his grave lead crying. However, He Yunwei said: "this matter must be low-key grave! We will quietly go, do not want to put up a pageantry, but do not want to take this matter to the hype." Guo Degang directed at the high-profile worship ceremony is purely speculation, asked: "the grave also informed the media, in order to exert a filial piety, or promote themselves?" Guo Degang boarded the CCTV Spring Festival gala for the first time, a reporter asked He Yunwei and Li Jing, how to evaluate the performance of the Spring Festival Gala in Guo Degang?" Li Jing: I don’t really think about it. I don’t want to comment on this. It’s not easy, it’s not easy to say the words (He Yunwei added). He Yunwei’s supplement is more like a knife.相关的主题文章:

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