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Brothers looking for Taiwan drug buyers in the mountains, with 5 kilograms of methamphetamine trading in Xiamen – China and the new net they are Longyan people, in the mountains of painstaking drug manufacture; they are Taiwanese, want to smuggle methamphetamine back to Taiwan; they traded in Xiamen, the results were planted. Yesterday, the Xiamen police exposure of this extraordinary drug trafficking case solved the whole process, seized 5 kilograms of methamphetamine. According to the introduction, "this is the lake Public Security Bureau" sword "since, the largest uncovered trafficking case. At 7 o’clock in the evening of March 22nd, a table of 4 tea men at the Hubin North Road Tea House said happily. According to the clues before the police, the table of 4 men, 2 people from Longyan "sellers", 2 people from Taiwan "buyers"". The dinner ended, 4 people leave separately, 2 people in Longyan go back to the hotel, 2 Taiwanese home. At 10 a.m. on the morning of 23, a man with a baseball cap carried a bag and walked into the target room. At this time, in place of Taiwanese go out, go straight to Longyan to stay hotel, a man drove toward the island, in the Xinglin hotel entrance stopped. The crafty drug dealer wants the goods to be separated. When the 4 floor of the hotel, the police see Taiwanese with a strange man in 15 minutes, immediately with the room card to open the door, put together a few guns pointing to each other, the other is obviously shocked. 5 large packages of lens placed on the bed, "a full 5 kilograms", the police introduced. On the other side, the waiting police almost acted at the same time. The hotel room, the 2 Dragon Rock people still count the money, wearing a baseball cap, "messenger" in the side, seized drug money 200 thousand yuan. 2 people in Longyan are surnamed Huang, who are brothers. According to the accounts, they first concentrate in the mountains, manufacturing, and then personally looking for buyers. While the 2 Taiwanese, 1 people surnamed Zheng 1 people surnamed Liu, they said, would like to use this batch of methamphetamine smuggling smuggling way back to Taiwan to sell. At present, 4 traders and 2 cowboys "a total of 6 people have been Xingju, the case is under further review. (Strait Herald reporter, room Shu correspondent, Xiamen public announcement)

兄弟深山制毒找台湾“买家” 带5公斤冰毒厦门交易-中新网   他俩是龙岩人,在深山潜心制毒;他俩是台湾人,想走私冰毒回台湾;他们在厦门交易,结果全栽了。昨日,厦门警方曝光这起特大贩毒案件侦破全过程,一次性缴获冰毒5公斤。据介绍,这也是湖里公安分局开展“亮剑扫毒”以来,破获的最大一起贩毒案。   3月22日晚上7点多,湖滨北路某港式茶餐厅里,有一桌4名男子说得兴高采烈。根据之前警方掌握的线索,这桌的4名男子,2人是来自龙岩的“卖家”,2人是来自台湾的“买家”。饭局结束,4人分头离开,2名龙岩人回到酒店,2名台湾人回到住处。   23日上午10点,一名戴着棒球帽的男子,提着一个包走进了目标房间。此时,在住处的台湾人也出门了,一人直奔龙岩人落脚的酒店,一人驾车开往岛外,在杏林一家酒店门口停了下来。狡猾的毒贩要人货分离交易。   杏林酒店4楼,民警看到台湾人跟一名陌生男子进去了15分钟,立即用房卡打开房门,几把枪一起指向对方,对方显然惊呆了。5大包晶状体摆在床上,“足足5公斤”,民警介绍。   另一边,守候的民警几乎同时行动。酒店房间里,2名龙岩人还在数钱,戴棒球帽的“马仔”等在一边,现场缴获毒资20万元。   2名龙岩人都姓黄,是亲兄弟。据交代,他们先是在连城深山潜心制毒,制成后又亲自寻找买家。而2名台湾人,1人姓郑1人姓刘,他们坦言,想将这批冰毒用走私的方式偷运回台湾,再加价出售。   目前,4名交易者以及2名“马仔”共6人已被刑拘,案件正在进一步审查中。(海峡导报记者 房舒 通讯员 厦公宣)相关的主题文章:

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