Bob Dylan – improbable abstract award 20 years ago won the Nobel award nomination

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Bob Dylan – "improbable" abstract award 20 years ago won the Nobel award nomination – Bob Dylan 20 years ago won the Nobel award nomination for Sweden Stockholm local time on October 13th, the Swedish Academy will be awarded the Nobel prize for literature in 2016 at the age of 75, American musician and poet Bob Dylan, in recognition of its "in the great American tradition to create a song the new poetic expression.". Although more than thirty years, Bob Dylan has been active in the music industry, but his lyrics are considered "read out a poem," Alan Ginsberg once the American poetry evaluation is "the best poet". The "shock" Pick award he created a new poetic expression 7 points last night (Sweden 1 p.m.), the Swedish Academy Permanent Secretary Sarah Danniuer announced the 2016 Nobel prize in literature, American rock folk artist Bob Dylan. "He created a new poetic expression in the great tradition of American songs." As for the reason of Bob – Dylan prize, Sarah Danniuer explained, she thinks Dylan is a great poet, is a great songwriter, "carrying the great American traditional songs, 45 years to change their style, change their image". Because the message "shock", and Dylan did not familiar literary works, his winning so many friends are surprised, even don’t forget to tease love running hot nominated writer Haruki Murakami, "running to die, to sing!" Although Dylan won the Nobel prize for literature seems to expand the scope of the awards, but Sarah Danniuer did not think so, she said in an interview after the award ceremony, if you look at history, you will find before 2500, "Homer and Sappho wrote the music with singing poems, we still in the reading of Homer and Sappho’s works, so it is with Bob Dylan." Not for the first time began as early as 20 years ago won the Nobel award nomination compared to Haruki Murakami, Adonis and other popular candidate winning writers, literary circles for Bob – Dylan a surprise, but this is not the real Bob Dylan for the first time with the Nobel shock. In early 1996, Gordon – Bauer Bob – Dylan on behalf of the Campaign Committee for the nomination of the Nobel prize for literature, he read a letter of recommendation to the media Alan Ginsberg: "although he is famous as a musician, but if you ignore his literary achievement, then it would be a huge mistake. In fact, music and poetry are linked, and Mr Dylan’s work has helped us to restore this vital connection." Ten years later in 2006, Bob Dylan with a memoir "like a rolling stone again won the Nobel prize nomination. At that time Nobel Award Evaluation Committee on Bob Dylan: "he took the form of poetry and attention to social issues and ideas into the music, his songs are full of passionate expression of civil rights, world peace, environmental protection and other serious global problems." Bob Dylan also got Grammy, including the Golden Globes and Yan Oswald相关的主题文章:

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