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Big head baby smarter – Sohu maternal and child people always say that the head of the people are more intelligent, this sentence has finally supported the study. The study found that the larger head circumference of newborn is a symbol of high intelligence, grow up achievement will be better. The University of Edinburgh scientists analyzed 500 thousand data in the U.K. Biomedical Library, the long-term follow-up of these people, gene physical and mental health, and the results published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry "". The study found that birth head circumference larger babies grow up, the high level of education, the language digital reasoning score is high. Scientists say, cognitive tests and intracranial volume, infant head and children cognitive ability scores were significantly associated gene. University of Edinburgh professor Dily pointed out that the baby’s DNA, more accurately predict whether they will be able to go to college in the future. The study also identified 17 important genes that affect brain function and physical and mental health. Researcher Hagen Nath believes that the study supports an existing theory that the overall health is better, IQ will be higher. In fact, as early as 2013 Australia once in the "International Journal of Pediatrics" published in similar studies, results indicate that the infant a month after birth, head circumference or weight increased, preschool IQ would follow the increase of the host population health at Adelaide University in Australia, Dr. N Smee Arthur said, head of brain volume index, primary fetal head circumference increased faster, brain volume will follow is proportional to the growth, after will have a relatively high iq.相关的主题文章:

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