Beijing issued frost blue warning 31 night minimum temperature -2 C

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Beijing issued a blue warning frost 31 night minimum temperature -2 new network – Beijing morning news (reporter Xiao Dan) Beijing yesterday ushered in an invigorating autumn climate farewell, continuous rain. Today, the 4 level will help the north wind, cooling will last for 3 days. From the beginning of yesterday morning, the weather is a bit gloomy, before and after the rain began to gradually affect the city. Although rainfall is small but lasts for a long time, the rainy weather makes the temperature dropped, the highest temperature during the day Southern Observatory is 10.3 DEG, 17.2 DEG C lower than the day before yesterday nearly 7 C. The streets are padded behind in the rain. After the end of the rain, today, the north wind will follow, there are 4 north wind during the day, gusts up to level 6. If you go out today, be sure to wear warm and windproof clothes. After natural cooling groundless talk inevitably, the next 3 days the highest temperature during the day at 11 to 13 DEG C, minimum night temperature will drop to 2 to 3 DEG C. Today, the city’s plain region will be the beginning of frost, frost frost warning signal has been issued, and this month the last day of the maximum temperature will continue to fall to 6 degrees, the lowest temperature at night is only -2. Although autumn weather is cool weather this homely food, but menacing, should not be underestimated, the wear or wear long johns. The good news is that this will not continue to cool down, is expected to start in November 2nd, the temperature will gradually rise. Such a rainy day yesterday is the high incidence of traffic accidents because of the weather, in the rain, the driver vision clarity decline, reduce the friction between the tire and the ground, plus the rainy weather brought the depressed mood is very easy to cause the traffic accident. The rain drove the car in addition to drive carefully, to open the wiper timely, reasonable use of lighting, air conditioning mist and other functions. The rain wet ground, it is prone to slip, so not the brakes in the turning of the time, the best linear speed, and then into the corner. If an emergency need brakes, don’t panic, or twisting the steering wheel or brake line, do not avoid, but also avoid brake, this has nothing to do.相关的主题文章:

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