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Beautiful young girl announced the "super star" super power "Super Star Poster exposure super Gakuen" Trailer second star academy school bad bursting point intensive struck > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "Wuli" super star boy special Tencent entertainment news from the days of entertainment media, film and television Tencent, Gushan video, Legg Mason cultural co produced the campus youth super power network drama "super stars", yesterday announced a "super edition poster. The 11 stars are in the interpretation of its own powers, "super stars in each constellation Gakuen" set the exclusive powers also officially open. Fu Liye, played by Chen Zexi, and by the valley Jiacheng as Socrates, as a representative of Ophiuchus, super ability is absorbed, which can absorb others’ abilities for dark forces with their own, so Ophiuchus became the villain. Zhao Lei played by the Russian tip and played by Hong Chen white, have the ability to predict the Aquarius, can foresee the future what will happen. Guo Zifan played by Jay Chou is a Capricorn, super ability is petrochemical, but what is the petrochemical other objects or to make their bodies become as hard as stone? Let’s find the answer in the play! By Xu Xiaolu played the role of the baby on behalf of the scorpion, super ability is a rebound in the game, this super ability can be applied to any of the forces on their own back, can be described as invincible. Peng Chuyue played by Li Yadang is the ability to reduce the ability of Libra, allowing opponents to slow down their movements are not affected. Wu Jiacheng played by Shen Hao is Aries, super ability is just the opposite of Libra, is extremely fast. Played by Wang Yuwen, the heroine of the process is the ability to move beyond the child, not the public impression of Virgo is characterized by obsessive-compulsive disorder, I do not know whether she will be able to use the ability to organize the clutter of things? In the final showdown in the contest on the two superstar Leo, played by Xiao Zhan’s natural selection and played by white Shu million adaptation, super powers are the roar, then the same super powers, who will ultimately win the match? No other sign in the super posters, and what kind of ability? These problems, let us wait after the launch slowly found it! As a sign the theme of network drama, constellations and the ability to play an important part in the "super star" in the garden, in the stills and trailers previously disclosed, the audience can see the super ability related to the screen, fans have been very curious about what is in the end of every sign different abilities. This super version of the personal image of the poster, starring as the main body, with the use of their own constellation super power action and special effects. By the background of stars, stars and constellations, badge related patterns and a combination of the three, both mysterious and deep, and at the same time there are posters sign ability and text. This sign is used in the play play party according to the design team name, each constellation of features, and the astrological sign of pictographic signs, especially specially designed. It is understood that the public powers Poster Sign exclusive ability of text, font, style and elegant, is a special design team with a brush to write, then appear on the screen, is the one and only!相关的主题文章:

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