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When purchasing your barb?qu? grill, th?nk ?f ?t ?s an ?nvestment rather then just another ?tem for ?our outdoor ?nt?rtainm?nt. You ?h?uld expect th?? it?m to become a large part ?f ?our outdoor a?tivities f?r many years t? come. But like any other investments, ?ro?er maint?nanc? ?nd ?are is needed to ensure th?t your b?rbeque grill will work for you for many ?ears to ?ome. Wh?le s?me maintenance and cleaning ?s spe?ifi? to th? t??e of b?rbeque gr?ll your own (gas, electric, ch?rco?l or ?moke barbe?ue grill), the majorit? of maintenan?e that should b? carri?d on do?? not ?hange fr?m grill t? grill. Step 1- Gathering The Necessary Item? You w?ll n??d ??me c?mm?n household item? on hand when ?t come? t?m? t? cle?n your barb?qu? grill. Br?ss w?r? grill brush Steel wool pads, ?referably that contains s?ap already. Mild d??h soap Sponge ?r di?hcloth Spray ?ooking oil Dry b?king sod? Alum?num foil St?? 2- Bru?hing Your Grill Off Th? fir?t th?ng that should alwa?s b? d?ne to y?ur grill is a routin? bru?hing. U??ng y?ur br?ss wire grill brush (or other brush ?uitable to y?ur ty?e of gr?ll) you should bru?h ?ff all the surfaces. By routinely brushing ??ur barbeque gr?ll, you will ?r?v?nt an? t??e of buildup. If bu?ldup from food ?? left t? long, it ?an b?c?m? increasingly difficult to remove. St?? 3- Spray Cooking O?l Onc? you ar? sure th?t y?ur grill is free of all buildup ?nd d?br?s, and th?t your grill i? c?mpletely cooled off, ?ou will want to spra? it d?wn with a light layer of cooking o?l. Spraying ?t down with c??king oil w?ll prevent your barbeque grill from rusting. It is es?ecially import?nt to m?k? sure your barbeque grill is completely c?ld, as spra?ing cooking oil on a h?t surfac? ma? cause the oil to he?t u? and ignit?, which could be potenti?lly d?ngerous t? you and your barbeque grill. Ste? 4- Use Baking Soda and Aluminum Fo?l ?n Y?ur Gr?ll Baking soda ?? a v?ry ni?e cleaning ?nd poli?hing agent. On?? you h?v? removed any extra d?bris ?nd bu?ldu?, lightly ?crubb?ng your barbe?ue grill w?th baking ?od? w?ll g?v? it that extra sh?n?, simil?r t? the d?y th?t ??u brought ?t hom? from the store. This can als? be used on handles ?nd knob? t? remove any ?xtr? buildup that cannot be tak?n off w?th a wir? brush. Alum?num foil can also be us?d to k??p ??ur grill l??king n??e. G?ntly rub th? aluminum foil ?n ??ur grill, and ??u will noti?e th?t ?t r?mov?s gr?m ?nd buildu?. Ste? 5- Clean Your Racks The r?cks in your grill ?r? espec?ally ?mportant as th?? is where the food touches when it is cooking. Y?u will h?ve to us? the wir? bru?h to remove a? much bu?ldu? a? possible. On?? you rem?ve as much as possible, start washing the racks w?th d??h ?oap. If the racks ?r? re?ll? dirty, you may also w?nt to use the steel w??l p?ds. Be ?ur? to completely rin?e ?ff all so?p and residue b?for? cooking on th?s? racks again. Ste? 6- Pr?v?nting Problems The m?jority of problems th?t arise from barbe?ue grills com?s fr?m la?k of cleaning ?nd maintenance. That m??ns if y?u notice something does not ???m quite right with ?our barbeque gr?ll, chance? are it ?an b? fixed w?th just a sim?le cleaning. Ev?n ?f y?u clean it, and still f?nd that it is having problems, ?t lea?t you saved your?elf th? potential embarra??ment ?f taking ?t to a professional only to f?nd out all ?t needed was to be cleaned. Finally, one method of prevent?ng problems with your barbeque grill is prote?ting it fr?m the outdoors. Covers are ?v?il?ble for grills ?n all shap?s ?nd ?ize?, so chances ar?, you will find one that fit? ?our gr?ll. If ??u have a c?ver for your barbeque gr?ll, th?n ?ll ??u will ever need to do i? do the regular maintenance li?ted ab?ve. 相关的主题文章:

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