Bank employees help police outwit the fugitive suspects you signature in the wrong place. sichen

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Bank employees help police outwit the fugitive suspects: you signed wrong newspaper news (reporter Yin Qinbing correspondent Liu Feng) yesterday, the Xinzhou police in the local bank employees closely, clever layout yinshechudong, arrested a wanted suspect. Yesterday afternoon at 3, the Bank of China branch in Xinzhou ushered in the peak of the exchange of RMB reservation, a busy business hall. Suddenly, six men appeared in the hall, went straight to the lobby manager, produced documents, and took a picture and said: "we are the police, who is wanted by the suspect at large, just ask him whether in your bank for business?" No. 1 window teller Li Hui replied: "he saw the pictures here in my complete reservation of commemorative coins, just five minutes away!" It turned out that, according to the commemorative currency exchange appointment process, must carry out customer identification information networking verification. Just now, the police through the network system receives the signal: a strict fugitive suspects appear in the Bank of china. No, never let it slip away! A yinshechudong outwit program soon planned out by Li Hui teller: immediately call a strict, with signature on the certificate in the bank wrong grounds, lured him back to the bank, and then arrested him. Next, the unexpected is that Li Hui in accordance with the established plan to call a strict request to return, but I know a strict vigilance very high, at the beginning of a rebuff. He claims he has been unable to come back on his way to the field. Li Hui said that if you do not come back to sign, commemorative coins will automatically expire. Xianci, a strict half believe and half doubt to discuss the tone, asked whether to sign your own generation to the teller, come back one day. Li Hui can’t answer directly. Hesitated for a long time, Yan finally relaxed tone, asked the bank to close the door, and said 5 pm return. In order to keep a strict found abnormal, bank employees as customers in the work follow the prescribed order, the police dispatched inside and outside the business hall. Everything looks loose inside tight. More than 4 in the afternoon, a man about the age of 35 into the operating room, he observed a moment later, went straight to window number 1. "No –" the presence of the police and the press, rush on like a swarm of hornets, with handcuffs handcuffed the.相关的主题文章:

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