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Baby autumn diarrhea how broken? Coping tips let you feel – Sohu and maternal summer and turn, wave of flu strikes, people have come back, your body may be well? My colleagues said she had a cold is not the most worried about themselves but the home of the child, adults are hard to get it, not to mention the baby? With the flu come diarrhea. Autumn is a high incidence of infantile diarrhea, in general, the summer diarrhea in children is caused by bacterial infection, autumn diarrhea 95% is caused by viral infection. Due to the weak gastrointestinal function of children in autumn, gastric juice and digestive juice is relatively small, gastrointestinal resistance is poor, it is easy to infect the virus. For parents of children with diarrhea should have a correct understanding of 6 months to 2 years old infant is the age of high incidence of diarrhea in children, usually the baby diarrhea after the parents will immediately give the baby to take angidiarrheal, in fact, diarrhea is a response of the body to protect themselves, and not conducive to digestion of food toxins excreted, and the treatment of diarrhoea also need a certain course. Many parents think that diarrhea should fast, it can reduce the burden on the stomach, but baby diarrhea lost large amounts of water and inorganic salt, fasting will increase intestinal peristalsis to aggravate diarrhea, and even affect the absorption and development of children’s nutrition, so baby diarrhea, to continue feeding children. The doctor reminds, pay attention to the baby health diet, pay attention to disinfection tableware, children began to add complementary, attention from less to more, from thin to thick, gradual transition from fine to coarse. At the same time pay attention to children’s physical exercise, enhance the body’s immunity and resistance. The child diarrhea, must be promptly sent to the hospital, the doctor for the standardized diagnosis and treatment, do not own without prescription, persistent or may lead to illness. Should be assisted with diet, many doctors pointed out that the treatment of diarrhea in children should pay attention to the following three points. First to pay attention to the children: parents pay, if the baby does not spit, repeatedly try to feed their children like oral rehydration, intravenous drip as a feed, as long as the following dehydration of this, the condition will not deteriorate, also can give children to drink a litre of water sugar and salt water, three tablespoons (Riga glucose about 50 grams of salt), half spoon (about 2 grams), if can not find glucose, can also be used instead of ordinary sugar, or oral rehydration salts. Secondly, should not be fasting, to continue to breastfeed her child and other liquid food, porridge, noodles into the soup, and add a little salt in the soup, rice soup to boil some thick. You can temporarily stop, such as meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other foods to relieve diarrhea and then began to eat, but taking food time not too long, generally within 3 days. Note: children diaper again after use warm water to clean the soft gauze, then put some oil ointment, to change diapers promptly, avoid diaper feces impregnated and skin friction and ulceration, and timely cleaning and disinfection, so as to avoid repeated cross infection. Recommended recipe, cooked cooked apple apple has good antidiarrheal effect, fine fiber, and stimulation of the intestinal alkaline, containing pectin adsorption, containing tannic acid have convergence effect, energy and fat were lower, can effectively assist the treatment of diarrhea, take 1 apples.相关的主题文章:

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