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"Autumn season pattern" outbreak only know you deserve one night three years replenishment lead: the weather is getting cold, all dry lines become the biggest problem skin, make the skin not only Down to the bottom, is a variety of "lines" problem together, how to effectively solve the trouble of this annoying seasonal pattern, just can not pay! (source: Ruili nets) autumn seasonal pattern "outbreak only know you deserve one night replenishment three years dry season run this step you can clean the wrong autumn haze rampant, the girls invariably begin to strengthen efforts to clean the skin, but too strong or frequent cleansing products, easy to peel off the face of healthy fat, lock water barrier damage the skin, resulting in skin moisture evaporate without interference. Select the appropriate cleansing products, collocation a safe before cleaning cleansing products, help the skin to remove the dirty things in one day accumulated in the air, you can easily achieve the purpose of cleaning skin effectively, but also no harm to the skin shooting two birds with one stone. The essence of spray make-up water and both for the skin moisturizing lotion is the last step of cleaning steps, the first step is to maintain, after cleansing while the skin moist degree is high, the use of cotton collocation to make-up water, from the bottom to the method of pulling again clean while lifting facial lines, help nutritional supplement skin moisture after increased a moisturizing effect of super essence spray water, at any time to deal with dry air, help replenish skin moisture loss in a day. Keep in tune with don’t have good skin dry environment will lead to excessive loss of skin moisture, humidifier can maintain indoor humidity, to keep the skin moist. Regular window ventilation to keep fresh air in the room, but also to increase the humidity of the air to ease the heating room drying. In addition, through a large number of fruits and vegetables intake of vitamin C and nutrients. Collocation to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables every day, can make the skin nourishing enough moisture, fully moisturizing effect. AUPRES time lock firming toner AUPRES time lock firming toner 220 yuan 170ml has excellent penetration, they need to be able to fully recharge skin moisture, improve the activity of collagen from within the skin. From the root to solve the problem of relaxation, wrinkles, aging and other issues, to create a compact smooth elastic beauty. POLA RED B.A POLA RED Biai Zhen red toner B.A Zhen red Biai lotion 890 yuan 120ml water embellish to teleport the skin deep, thick, rich texture. Water film for every inch of skin horny layer, round and smooth, the biological activity of BA emotion unique function activation solution E is easy to extend, instantly penetrate into touch, high performance make-up water is rich in bioactive components, round and smooth elastic skin. The new Estee Lauder miracle Shuiguang spray Estee Lauder new miracle water spray 580 75ml micro spray nozzle, atomizing the essence of micro molecular acceleration Qin through muscle bottom, water lock technology, water storage and water stream full, lasting life, whenever and wherever possible can keep moist and shiny young skin. SK.相关的主题文章:

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