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Business There are a lot of choices for you out there if you are in the market for the best fragrance, but one that often gets overlooked for no good reason is Anna Sui Perfume. Anna Sui is a global brand named for its creator, who has been drawn to fashion and accessories for nearly all of her 45 years. Anna Sui brands are available in their own boutiques throughout the world, from the Americas to the Middle East, Europe to Asia. Choices within the brand itself range from clothing and cosmetic to fragrances and other accessories. Of these products, Anna Sui Perfume is one of the most popular, partly because of the sweet intoxicating aromas and partly because of the options. Here are six of the best fragrances from Anna Sui Perfumes: 1.Anna Sui Perfume (the original): Designed for casual wear, Anna Sui Perfume debuted in 1999. The mixture begins with Bulgarian rose as a top note and slowly gives way to a blend of bergamot, raspberry, and apricot, before moving to its middle, where rose, water lily, and jasmine take center stage. The base notes consist of powdery Tonka and fragrant woods, giving the fragrance a sweet, yet rustic flavoring that is great for everyday use. 2.Dolly Girl: Another in the Anna Sui line of casual wear, Dolly Girl is a fun flavor for the everyday featuring jasmine, musk, cinnamon, and magnolia. It is sweet and floral and as fresh as the day after a spring rain. Launched in 2003, it has been one of the top choices of Anna Sui Perfume ever since. 3.Dolly Girl On the Beach: This Anna Sui Perfume bears a more citric flavor than other Anna Sui fragrances. It features top notes of lemon, marigold, cassis, bergamot, and peach, before moving to heart notes of freesia, rose, crushed leaves, and lotus blossoms. Closing notes consist of blonde wood, amber crystals, and powdery musk. 4.Flight of Fancy: Flight of Fancy perfume is another classical fragrance that delivers a nice fruity and floral blend for the casual woman. High notes contain litchi, yuzu, and java lemon, while the heart notes turn to star magnolia, purple rain freesia, and rose blossom. For the low notes, Flight of Fancy turns to skin musk, light wood, and amber crystals, for an ending that perfectly .plements the rest of the fragrance. 5.Secret Wish: The heavenly aromas of Secret Wish provide one of the best fragrances yet for the Anna Sui woman. Leading off the scent are notes of lemon, melon, and apricot, which blend wonderfully with pineapple, cedarwood, black currant, and amber, for a spectacularly striking natural mixture. 6.Sui Dreams: Sui Dreams was the Anna Sui Perfume selection for the new millennium. Launched in 2000, Sui Dreams brought an exotic taste of the Orient in its invigorating scent. Featuring a blend of citrus and soft flowers, the fragrance finishes with vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, and nutmeg for a savory rustic dream in a bottle. With all of the above selections to choose from, and an almost certain future in the perfume industry, Anna Sui Perfume is young, but will continue to be a prestigious name in the world of fashion and fragrance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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