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Business If youre shopping around for a manually operated .b binding machine, you may want to consider something like the Akiles OffiBind. This .b binder, available from ABCOffice.., is great for binding booklets, presentations and reports. Akiles is considered by many to be the best book binding machine manufacturer. The OffiBind is an entry-level .b binding machine and the least expensive .b binder available from Akiles. Akiles is currently one of the top 5 manufactures of binding machines, with binding formats including .b, wire and coil. Their machines are renowned for their build quality and ability to hold up for years. While the Akiles OffiBind is an entry-level .b binding machine, it is still excellent for home or small business use. It can also be used by larger businesses as long as daily book binding needs dont exceed a few dozen a day. If your business needs to .b bind hundreds to thousands of books a day, you will need a higher- end machine. Operating and using this .b binder is extremely easy. It uses a single handle for punching and for opening .bs. Pull the handle forward to punch paper and push it back to open .bs. The handle is leveraged and angled in such a way that manual operation is extremely easy. The OffiBind has an 8-10 sheet punching capacity and can bind a book up to 2" thick. To bind a thicker book, multiple punching passes will be required. It can also be used to punch clear covers, card stock and binding covers. When punching thicker material, it is re.mended to only punch one to two at a time until a "safe" punching capacity has been determined. You dont want to force this machine to punch more paper than it is designed for as this could cause damage to the binding machine. While the Akiles OffiBind is primarily designed for letter size / A4 paper, it does feature 3 selectable punching pins (aka disengageable dies), which makes punching custom paper sizes easier. If you end up with a half-punched hole, either adjust the side guide or disengage the punching pin that is only clipping the edge of the paper. This machine is also features an open throat, which allows you to punch holes in larger documents. Have you ever .b bound a document, only to have the pages easily tear out? This is because the holes arent being punched at the right depth. The Akiles OffiBind has a progressive punch margin control. That means that it will punching into the paper as deep or as shallow as is required for the thickness of the book and the diameter of the binding .b. The base of the OffiBind features a screen printed hole pattern (die ruler), making it easy to determine exactly where the holes will be punched in relation to the paper. It also features a .b selector table Weighing in at only 11 pound shipped, the OffiBind binding machine is perfect for use on desks, tables and countertops and can easily be picked up and moved around. You can find the Akiles OffiBind .b binding machine at ABCOffice… ABCOffice.. also offers a great selection of other .b binding machines . About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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