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Software Linux is used by millions of people around the world since its highly customizable. Programmers can even modify the source code and can create their own unique version of the Linux operating system. Linux offers many advantages over its .petitors and contemporaries rather than the windows. Most of the people who are cornered with the decision to choose Linux or Windows hosting, goes with the choice of windows hosting, as it is a branded product of a well known Microsoft. Many of them confuse linux hosting with the operating systems. However, many website owners and web hosting .panies actually prefer to work with Linux. Below are some main reasons that leads the Linux hosting to be in forefront of the hosting choices: Flexibility and affordability: As an open source platform, Linux can run across all sorts of systems. This gives it an edge over .mercial, proprietary products, which tend to work on their own systems and those systems alone. Downloading the Linux OS is absolutely free. Security and Conversion: .paring to Windows hosting, Linux is found to be more secure. The spread of bugs and viruses in software programs is quite .mon these days and makes crash down to the configuration. .This could be prevented in Linux hosting. Highly confidential information typically goes with the Linux hosting. Linux can easily be converted into a Windows site. The same cannot be done on the conversion of a Windows site back into a Linux site. This would be more .plicated. Proving to be the work site: Linux works well with some of the popular scripting language. If you are working with PHP, MySQL or Perl, Linux is the preferred system. Most of the other software works well with Linux eventhough, Window servers are preferred. Backup server: The Linux installation can be used as firewall, file server or a backup server. There is no need for a powerful processor or a large memory space. Simple desktop systems can also facilitate Linux operating system to work. Linux permits user to run many databases at the same time. It allows multiple users to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Linux is found to be more efficient that it loads and can run much faster than any other web hosting platforms. It can handle large volume of traffic and is capable of hosting multiple sites. Linux hosting has remained as one of the most affordable solutions on the market with plans suited for a wide range of users. Finally, the best advert for Linux hosting is that it attracts number of users, from professional developers to ordinary consumers. If you’re looking for cheap, reliable and flexible hosting, then Linux would do well to consider. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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