Adult child playing mahjong more than and 20 floor throwing mahjong smashed cars

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Adult child playing mahjong more than and 20 floor throw mahjong before the Chongqing desert a smashed cars, residents of the home, adults playing mahjong play in full swing, but the child threw up on the balcony to play mahjong, hurt the car downstairs. In November 17th 4 pm, Chongqing sand 110 fast at the police team Liu Maoqiao, Li Meiqiang received a report that in Fengtian road a small car was hit in the high-altitude parabolic alarm police rushed to the scene. The hood and windshield was smashed police who is private owner Mr. Liu, the police he brought to the scene, the police see, Mr. Liu is a Volkswagen car, engine cover and car windshield, has been hard hit over it. According to Liu said that afternoon, he was moving, so the car parked downstairs to move things. About 1 hours ago, he found that the car was thrown objects thrown into the sky, and then found a small security. Community security, said they came over, found that the floor is still throwing things down, after observation, found that things are thrown down the mahjong, is thrown down from the more than and 20 floor. In order to avoid injury to passers-by, the security side to stop yelling upstairs, while reminding pedestrians detour. Subsequently, the security and Mr. Liu went upstairs and found the suspect throwing things home owners. Originally, the lady of the house, and friends are playing mahjong at home, a few old son play on the balcony, the balcony is just a box of old mahjong, the child is not sensible, he threw the mahjong playing, to provoke the scourge. Big man: children play later, the police and Mr. Liu and tube together, found someone’s head. Ms. Wang admitted that the party is playing mahjong, the children play with the old mahjong. Because only the damaged vehicle front windshield and the hood has smashed traces, Liu analysis, should be thrown up mahjong, to other places, and then splashed on the car, if the direct hit car, probably shangdebuqing. After police coordination, Ms. Wang agreed to negotiate compensation and mr.. In the 110 police, according to China’s "tort liability law", throwing objects from buildings and causes damage to others, it is difficult to determine the specific infringer, unless they can prove that they are not the tortfeasor, all those who use the building may harm must assume the tort liability. Police take this to remind the public, balcony, windows and other parts, do not place easy to fall items, to supervise minors, in order to avoid danger. (Chongqing times)相关的主题文章:

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